Aquaman 2 Title Revealed With New Logo

We got a glimpse of the new Aquaman 2 title with a new logo for the sequel. It gives an idea of how this next movie will shake out.

By Doug Norrie | Updated

jason momoa

There have been quite a few questions around Aquaman 2 basically ever since the original movie wrapped up. How would they further along stories for Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry and who would possibly take bigger roles in the next film? Heck, we haven’t even been sure where the story is going to go when it comes to these underwater heroes. Well, now things are beginning to crystalize a bit with the official title being revealed for the sequel. According to director James Wan’s Instagram feed, the next film will be Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom. 

Wan posted a show of the Aquaman 2 title and logo during a production meeting for the film. It’s up on his computer screen with the name badge reminding everyone just who is in charge of this sequel. It’s a cool moment for the movie, signaling things are getting underway and we have some more understanding of just how this next story will develop. Check out what Wan posted with the caption, “The tide is rising”:

It looks like Aquaman 2 is going to deal with the titular Lost Kingdom and this is likely a reference to the city of Necrus. Like Atlantis, Necrus is an underwater city whose inhabitants are much like those of the former. There are some differences though. For starters, the city doesn’t sit in one set location, instead hopping around to new locations through inter-dimensional travel. This offers great mystery around what happens in the city and those who live there. If this is how the new movie goes, then it’s likely we also see the Necrus ruler, Mongo, as a primary villain in the film. He rules the city with an iron fist and it’s likely the two groups come into conflict. 

The post from James Wan is from a pre-production meeting for Aquaman 2 meaning things are only beginning to get underway on the film. We know that Jason Momoa is reprising his role and all indications are that Amber Heard will be back as Queen Mera as well. There’s speculation that her role in the film is set to increase following the original. She had an expanded role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League and it appears DC wants to have this character more forward-facing in future productions. That could likely start here with this next film. 

There was really never a doubt that Aquaman 2 would be made considering the massive success of the first installment. Aquaman snagged a whopping $1.15 billion at the box office when it came out in the fall of 2018, making it the biggest DC Extended Universe release yet. Sure, critics weren’t as kind when it came to the story, but in this world, the dollars talk and man did they ever for the first movie. Getting more stories in this universe was mostly a foregone conclusion.  

Aquaman 2  has a reported release date of December 16, 2022 so we have quite a bit of time before setting out to explore this new world. With production starting to ramp up we are sure to hear even more about the plans for The Lost Kingdom and what the future holds for this franchise.