Ant-Man Star Says There Is One Thing Thanos Could Not Destroy

Ant-Man David Dastmalchian claims in an interview that Kurt's amazing head of hair would survive Thanos' snap.

By TeeJay Small | Published

David Dastmalchian in Ant-Man

When Josh Brolin brought Thanos to the big screen in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War, he made it very clear from the beginning that he would be a force to be reckoned with. After beating up the Hulk, murdering Loki, and gathering the infinity stones, he ended the film by snapping half of all life out of existence, leaving many to wonder if there was anything Thanos couldn’t destroy. In a recent interview with Slash Film, Ant-Man star David Dastmalchian gave us the final verdict, stating “[Kurt’s] physical body was turned to dust for a number of years, but his hair never dissolved. If there is one thing that Thanos could not destroy with the snap… he could not make Kurt’s hair go away, and that’s the power of Kurt’s hair.”

Dastmalchian is best known for his supportive roles in a number of superhero films, including Thomas Schiff in The Dark Knight, Abra Kadabra in The CW’s The Flash, and Polka-Dot Man in James Gunn’s 2021 DCU debut, The Suicide Squad. In the Marvel Ant-Man films, David Dastmalchian portrays Kurt Goreshter, a cybercriminal associate of Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang, who works alongside Scott as the team’s hacker. In addition to being a hilarious and incredibly helpful character, Kurt has achieved fan favorite status due to his slicked up hair.

During his Slash Film interview, the self professed Marvel nerd humorously expressed that the hair was an immovable object in the way of Thanos’ unstoppable snap. The look, which is reminiscent of The Sopranos‘ Silvio Dante, helped to make Ant-Man’s team of X-Con Security Consultants stand out, with David Dastmalchian bringing the hacker to life throughout several MCU appearances. Whether the nod to Steven Van Zandt’s Sopranos performance is intentional or not, the man with the illustrious hair just can’t seem to escape his life of crime.

Kurt isn’t shown turning to dust during the Infinity saga or either of the Ant-Man films, but David Dastmalchian reminds us that the character met a brutal end during a 2021 episode of Marvel’s What If…? series, which features non canon adventures of MCU characters exploring scenarios such as a zombie apocalypse, a body swapping event, or an untimely demise. For Dastmalchian, being able to portray characters across a host of cinematic universes and comic franchises is a dream come true, as displayed by his joyful and humorous nature during his interview.

the suicide squad
David Dastmalchian as Polka-Dot Man in The Suicide Squad

Beside his roles in Ant-Man, David Dastmalchian had an incredible film run in the last few years, connecting with iconic directors such as Christopher Nolan, and Denis Villeneuve. Dastmalchian has big roles in more than half a dozen upcoming projects, including Oppenheimer, Boston Strangler, and Last Voyage Of The Demeter. His comic book roles have landed him a series of cameo appearances, such as that of the nervous police officer in 2019’s Jay And Silent Bob: Reboot, and his Marvel roles have all but made him a household name.

With his latest film outing, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, David Dastmalchian actually plays a character other than Kurt Goreshter, though we won’t jump the gun by telling you who just yet. Dastmalchian hopes that this new role will be a big surprise for fans of the films and comics alike, making his dual performance all the more exciting for Marvel fans.