Anna Paquin Shocks Fans With Public Appearance During Awful Health Crisis

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Fans of Academy Award-winning actress Anna Paquin were delighted to see the actress out and about on the red carpet on Wednesday after an undisclosed health issue has largely left her out of the public eye over the last two years.

The 41-year-old star joined her husband, Stephen Moyer, to usher in the pair’s latest film together, A Bit of Light, at its premiere in New York City. There, she was photographed by media outlets and the like with a cane in hand and a huge smile on her face. 

Anna Paquin Appearing On Red Carpet

While we aren’t sure what illness Anna Paquin has been battling over the last few years, a source close to the True Blood star says that she’s hoping to make a full recovery but that things are just taking time.

Both Paquin’s mobility and speech have been affected and she herself admits that “It hasn’t been easy,” referring to the long road to recovery that she’s still traveling.

Anna Paquin’s Latest Role

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Even during her darkest hours, Anna Paquin has been able to turn to her craft for solace and a brief respite from caring for her health as she continues to tend to her career in the industry.

Her latest project with her husband Moyer is an indie film – not backed by any major studio, something that Paquin says drew her to the role.

She also made it a point to say that she didn’t sign on for the project simply because Moyer is her spouse but instead because he’s a talented filmmaker who had a fresh and innovative idea for his story.

A Bit Of Light

In A Bit of Light, Anna Paquin stars as Ella, a divorcee in her late thirties who makes the difficult yet healthy decision to move back in with her father after being forced to temporarily give up custody of her daughters.

Struggling with alcohol addiction, Ella knows that she needs to get and stay sober if she has any hope of seeing her daughters under her care again.

The Character’s Struggles

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Sobriety isn’t the only thing Ella will struggle with during her time back under the same roof as her father as her past will come back to rear its head while she grapples with mental health, sobriety, and her tumultuous relationship with her daughters’ father and his new partner.

Starring opposite Paquin in the heavy drama about healing and growth is BAFTA award winner Ray Winstone (The Departed), who will appear as her father.

Other Recent Work

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Aside from her soon-to-be-seen performance in A Bit of Light, Anna Paquin has made it a priority to stay busy despite any personal health issues she may be dealing with behind closed doors.

In 2021 she appeared opposite Zachary Levi in the biographical sports feature American Underdog before taking a year off from feature-length projects in 2022 to join the cast of Peacock’s scripted true crime series, A Friend of the Family.

By 2023, she was back in action in another sports bio project, this time opposite Titans alum Teagan Croft in Netflix’s title, True Spirit.

A Good Sign For Anna Paquin?

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Beyond A Bit of Light, if Anna Paquin has any other gigs on her schedule, she’s keeping a tight lip about them as the actress hasn’t revealed when fans can expect to see her again.

Just as we’ve worried for other stars like Christina Applegate, Shannen Doherty, and Celine Dion, who are all fighting very private battles against a range of illnesses, we’ve also wondered how Paquin is faring.

Seeing her in public at a red-carpet event with a smile on her face certainly lifts our spirits as we wish the actress nothing but the best on her healing journey.

Source: People