Anna Kendrick May Die In Space In The First Trailer For Stowaway

See Anna Kendrick in space in the Stowaway trailer.

By Hayden Mears | Published

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Anna Kendrick is an incredibly versatile actress, and now it looks like she will be taking her talents to space in an exciting new Netflix sci-fi thriller.

Yesterday, Netflix dropped a fun first trailer for its upcoming original film Stowaway, which pairs Anna Kendrick with Daniel Dae Kim for a space mission gone awry. It all looks very tense and dramatic, and the movie seems to focus around Kendrick’s Zoe Levenson and Shamier Anderson‘s eponymous stowaway, Michael. Kim portrays the ship’s biologist. Toni Collette also stars.

Here’s the trailer:

The trailer is intriguing, and thankfully, it looks to be slightly different than other space-set thrillers. Granted, throwing protagonists into space is a popular way of isolating characters and forcing them to make tough choices, and in that respect, this looks to be more of the same. But it feels more grounded, more emotional, than other films of its kind, and hopefully, it does a solid job hooking viewers quickly and without too much meandering. From the looks of things, Anna Kendrick’s character may be in a uniquely terrible spot, which will allow for some A+ acting from the multi-talented performer.

Here’s the film’s premise in a nutshell: The crew of a Mars-bound spaceship discovers an accidental stowaway around the same time they are faced with the terrifying realization that they don’t have enough resources to keep everyone on the ship alive. It’s a compelling idea, and Anna Kendrick’s medical researcher seems to be one of the movie’s biggest focuses. Maybe this will be another showcase for her? We will have to see!

And speaking of showcasing her talents: Anna Kendrick’s filmography includes a number of wildly different kinds of movies. Among her better-known roles include those of Beca Mitchell in the Pitch Perfect trilogy, Dana Cummings in The Accountant, Stacey Pilgrim in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and as the voice of Poppy in the animated Trolls and its sequel, Trolls World Tour. She has obviously been in much, much more, but those are some of her most well-known performances.

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So, this may be the first glimpse of the film, but it certainly won’t be the last. With the premiere inching ever closer, we will likely get more snippets of Anna Kendrick’s performance in the days and weeks to come. But with this new trailer officially out, we now know a ton more than we did before. We learned a ton from the 2ish minutes of footage we got here, which is great because a teaser would not really have been enough to sate viewers hungry for a substantial look at the film. The movie is less than a month away, so we don’t have much longer to wait anyway.

Stowaway is currently slated to hit Netflix on April 22, 2021, and despite the ongoing pandemic, that is unlikely to change. In addition to Anna Kendrick’s performance here, keep an eye out for her turn in that musical with Chris Evans we reported on last month. That’s gonna be a doozy.