Alien Series Success Or Failure Affects Another Fan-Favorite Show

By TeeJay Small | Published

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Alien and Fargo don’t immediately strike most audiences as franchises which have a lot in common, though brilliant television producer Noah Hawley will soon helm both beloved pieces of IP.

Noah Hawley Working On Alien Series

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Hawley was recently announced as the showrunner for a television reimagining of Alien for FX, the very same network that hosts his long-running Fargo series, which just wrapped its fifth season.

According to FX Chairman John Landgraf, Hawley’s workload with Alien will determine whether or not the prolific producer has the time and energy to produce future seasons of Fargo.

Alien Series Depends On Fargo

While many fans are likely to be in love with Hawley’s Alien adaptation, it’s hard to say if the project would make a worthy trade for a potential sixth or seventh season of Fargo.

The most recent season of the Midwestern crime drama, which starred Juno Temple and Jon Hamm, has been widely regarded as one of the show’s best, with many fans eagerly awaiting an announcement of additional material.

The series exists within the same universe as the 1996 Coen Brothers film of the same name and adapts a different fictional crime tale in each anthology-style season.

More Fargo Stories Coming

Before signing on to helm Alien, Noah Hawley had expressed to media outlets that there are plenty more awkward supernatural crime stories to tell within the Fargo universe, prompting many fans to assume the show had already been picked up for future seasons.

Per comments recently made by John Landgraf, Hawley seemingly has carte blanche to work on the series, so long as he completes his commitment to Alien and continues to expand the universe of the iconic xenomorph.

Alien Series For Multiple Seasons?

The Alien series is set to be a multi-season show. Hawley is already committed to turning in concurrent material for multiple seasons at once, meaning the project may eat up much of his time.

Despite his Alien commitment, John Landgraf claims that Noah Hawley’s work on Fargo has inspired a lot of faith from FX executives, who will surely be open to greenlighting more seasons of the show.

Before Original Alien Film

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Just as Fargo is executive produced by the Coen Brothers, the upcoming Alien series has Ridley Scott attached to executive production and is said to take place long before Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley began her adventure in the initial 1979 film.

According to plot details currently available to the public, the series will be the first entrant into the Alien franchise, which takes place on Earth, leaving many fans to wonder how exactly the events of the films will tie in, if at all.

Alien Series Will Be On FX

Whether you’re a fan of Alien, Fargo, or Noah Hawley’s work in general, the announcement should bring you a great deal of joy, even if it means we may have to wait several years before we hear another enthusiastic delivery of “Ah jeez” in the hilariously put-out Minnesota accent.

For now, all five seasons of Fargo are available to stream on Hulu through FX. There’s no confirmed release date for the Alien series at this time, though sources indicate the project is currently chugging along.

Source: Deadline