Alan Ritchson Joins Netflix Sci-Fi Action Movie War Machine

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

It’s official: Reacher’s Alan Ritchson is set to lead the cast of the upcoming Netflix action-packed sci-fi film War Machine, which Patrick Hughes will direct. This comes on the heels of Netflix acquiring the rights to the project, which was initially developed by Lionsgate and helmed by Hughes. The film should overdeliver when it comes to thrilling and explosive entertainment; after all, Hughes honed his chops by creating The Hitman’s Bodyguard series. The director also penned the script, in partnership with James Beaufort—who rose to prominence through his work on Machine. 

What Is War Machine About?

Expect War Machine to present Alan Ritchson in a narrative as–bad joke alert–ri(t)ch with action as it is intrigue. As of now, the story’s template is a tad vague, but it follows a squad of Army Rangers during the last, most grueling 24 hours of their selection process. During this hellish day, the team come face to face with a sci-fi threat defying their basic understanding of reality. 

For its part, War Machine boasts a commendable production team—Hidden Pictures’ Todd Lieberman and Alex Young, for example, alongside Hughes’ Huge Film. The collaborative nature of the project’s production emphasizes Netflix’s ongoing strategy—investing in top-quality, direct-to-streaming projects that can rival their theatrical and multiplatform offerings. 

Alan Ritchson In Reacher

Fans will tell you the movie will significantly add to Ritchson’s augmenting list of action-oriented commitments. Such projects include his current production, Playdate, alongside his celebrated and widely recognized role in the Amazon Prime Video hit series, Reacher. Alan Ritchson’s portrayal of everyone’s favorite streaming action hero has been well-received; the series’ second season emerged as a global sensation on Prime Video shortly after its release.

Ritchson’s portrayal of Jack Reacher, based on Lee Child’s bestselling novel series, has reaped global acclaim, especially for the actor’s physicality and nuanced performance. His work has resonated deeply with fans of the books and new viewers alike, demonstrating his ability to lend intensity and charm to the narrative. 

Reacher Becomes One Of Amazon Prime Video’s Biggest Hits

The series’ second season enjoyed overwhelming success, rapidly climbing the charts to become one of Prime Video’s most-watched series globally within days of its release. Thus, anticipation is high for what Alan Ritchson will contribute to War Machine.

Ritchson’s Upcoming Projects

For those living under a rock, Ritchson’s action-packed career is undergoing a rapid ascent; the actor is preparing to star opposite Henry Cavill (a partnership we didn’t know we needed) in director Guy Ritchie’s forthcoming World War II movie, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, another Lionsgate project that, as of now, is strictly a theatrical release. 

Alan Richtson is also confirmed to reprise his role as Aimes in the upcoming (prepare yourself) 11th installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, a franchise itself the darling and cash cow of Universal Pictures.

Lionsgate Also Working On A Simple Favor 2

In addition to situating Alan Ritchson’s War Machine as a Netflix title, Lionsgate is also undertaking the much-anticipated reunion of Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively for A Simple Favor 2 (a joint effort with Amazon MGM Studios). These developments form part of Lionsgate’s more comprehensive approach: expanding its presence in the streaming world while maintaining its strong footprint in traditional theatrical releases and multiplatform distribution. 

Source: Deadline