If You Are About To Fly, Don’t Watch These Airplane Crash Movies

By Rick Gonzales | Updated

For those frequent fliers, and even those who aren’t so frequent, the thought of flying can be quite nerve-wracking. From the minute you walk onto the airplane, the mind takes over, putting you in one precarious scenario after another with none of them ending well.

If you are one of those who have difficulty with takeoffs, landings, and all the turbulence in between, yet are still planning to get on that claustrophobic metal tube in the sky, you may want to avoid the following airplane films.

Films to Avoid if You’re Getting Ready to Fly

8. Red Eye (2005)

If you are a solo flier, the one thing we always worry about is the creep sitting next to us. In Red Eye, the “creep” is taken to a whole new level as he turns out to be a terrorist forcing a woman to be part of an assassination plot.

Cillian Murphy is completely creepy as Jackson Rippner, a man who makes himself at home on an airplane sitting next to an unsuspecting Rachel McAdams. The two are on a red-eye and Jackson’s cool demeanor turns ice cold after takeoff.

He explains to McAdams’ Lisa Reisert that if she does not cooperate, Jackson’s assassin accomplice will kill her father. Okay, so it may not be a scenario we truly would have to worry about, but that doesn’t remove the creep factor from some of the passengers we find ourselves next to on an airplane.

7. Non-Stop (2014)

liam neeson non-stop

If you have flown before, you are probably well aware of the fact that all airplanes require the presence of an Air Marshall. They are on all flights and in Non-Stop, there are actually two.

The suspense thriller stars Liam Neeson as an alcoholic Air Marshall who is on an international flight from New York to London when his cell phone gets an ominous message.

Find a way to transfer $150 million to a specific bank account or someone will die every 20 minutes. No one is safe when the true nature of these messages comes to light.

6. Air Force One (1997)

harrison ford air force one sequel
Air Force One

While it is hard for us to put ourselves in this situation, seeing the President of the United States, his family, and many top cabinet members in danger is a frightening sight. Air Force One stars Harrison Ford as President James Marshall who, along with his family, is heading back to the United States after a diplomatic dinner in Moscow, Russia.

Halfway through the flight, terrorists disguised as reporters, take over the plane, killing many on board. Marshall is able to avoid them and now must use all his wits and skills to save his family and the other survivors. Gary Oldman is excellent as bad guy Egor Korshunov.

5. Cast Away (2000)

If the thought of your plane going down is first and foremost on your mind, you may want to avoid Cast Away. The film stars Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland, a FedEx analyst whose job is to fly across the globe, offering solutions to any issues that arise within the FedEx system.

While the bulk of the film follows Chuck’s survival on a deserted island, it’s how he ends up on the island that is cause for trepidation. The plane Chuck is on is caught in a brutal storm and after a lightning strike, the plane goes down. The scene is especially tense, realistic, and violent as it crashes into the ocean.

4. Flight (2012)

denzel washington

Flight is the second movie that director Robert Zemeckis filmed that revolved around a plane crash. Here though, it isn’t so much about the crash itself, but the men who fly the airplane, the pilots you don’t see. They have so much responsibility, making sure that everyone on board arrives safely at their destination.

This film stars Denzel Washington as Whip Whitaker, an airline pilot with a major drug and alcohol addiction. While Whip is sleeping off a bender on the airplane, he is shaken awake when the plane goes into a nosedive.

Somehow, Whip is able to right the plane enough for a miraculous crash landing. After being labeled a hero, the subsequent investigation begins to shed light on Whip’s personal struggles.

3. Sully (2016)

tom  hanks airplane crash

As passengers on an airplane, there are so many things that concern us. One of those things is something that is a fairly common occurrence – bird strikes. Sully tells the true story of Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, a pilot of US Airways Flight 1549 who had to land his plane on the Hudson River after a bird strike took out his engines.

The film stars Tom Hanks as Sully in another plane crash movie (it would be smart never to fly with Hanks) that will have you hoping a flock of birds doesn’t take flight when your plane does.

2. Alive (1993)

airplane crash

Another airplane movie, another airplane crash. This one tells the true story of the 1972 Uruguayan rugby team that was flying to Chile on their way to a rugby match. During the flight, the plane crashed into the Andes. The crash was bad enough, but what the survivors had to do to stay alive was something completely horrific. As some of the survivors continued to perish, supplies got low.

This forced the remaining survivors to do the unthinkable. They had to resort to cannibalism in order to stay alive. In total, 29 perished in the crash and on the mountain while 16 survived the ordeal.

1. United 93 (2006)

airplane crash

United 93 is a film that recounts the tragic day of 9/11 and the terrorist attacks across the United States. This film focuses on United Airlines Flight 93 and the actions taken when the passengers realized they were part of the terrorists’ plans to fly into a building and blow it up. There was plenty of speculation on the true ending of Flight 93.

Did the passengers get into the cockpit? Were they able to take out the terrorists and try to fly the plane themselves? We will never know the complete, terrifying story of the heroes on United Airlines Flight 93, but we do know it was a tragic, yet completely heroic, death.