See Passengers Bloodied, Plane Damaged By Wild Hawaiian Flight Turbulence

Massive turbulence aboard a Hawaiian Air flight caused 20 passengers to sustain injuries.

By James Brizuela | Updated


A group of passengers aboard a Hawaiian Air flight experienced their worst fears, as significant turbulence caused destruction and injuries amongst many of those passengers on the flight. Videos were taken and uploaded on Twitter which show the harrowing ordeal from when the turbulence began, and the bloodied passengers attempting to remain calm in their seats after the event. For those who are squeamish, do not keep scrolling, as the below videos contain some graphic NSFW material.

Whoever this Twitter user is got their hands on the aftermath of the turbulence from the Hawaiian Air flight. As you can see above, many of the passengers were bloodied and had their emergency oxygen masks still near their faces. The good news is that the plane safely landed, despite the 20 passengers that were injured in the process.

The above video showcases the turbulence happening in real-time, as the lights are dimmed on the plane, which is standard practice when this happens. However, as the video plays on, you can clearly hear the screams of passengers, along with the camera on this phone wildly shaking.

The above video just shows the state of the plane after the turbulence had struck the Hawaiian Air flight. As you can see, some of the emergency oxygen masks are still dislodged from the above compartments. Also, there are moments when napkins with blood are shown on the floor, presumably from the patients who sustained significant injuries.

The above video shows paramedics and first responders wheeling out the passengers who had sustained injuries from the turbulence on the flight. We truly hope that the passengers who were taken to the hospital are able to make it out and that their injuries are not life-threatening. We cannot imagine being aboard a flight that had such massive turbulence that it led to this many injuries.

The above report indicates that 11 of the 20 passengers are in serious condition after the turbulence struck the Hawaiian Air flight. One of the above tweets does make mention a tornado that has struck the island of Molokai. We are not sure about the confirmation of that report, or if it at all was the cause of the turbulence on the flight, but this entire situation is horrific.

Despite most airplanes being fine while en route to their destination, storms, birds, and all manner of situations can cause massive issues. It is truly a scary thought to think about being on a flight when any kind of malfunction happens, and even worse when this level of turbulence causes people to be severely injured. We hope the passengers aboard this flight are going to make it out of this horrible situation with only minor bruises and cuts, and a story to tell.