Adam Sandler’s Most Bizarre Movie Is Burning Up Streaming

Adam Sandler's most bizarre movie, Little Nicky, is #5 in the United States on streaming services.

By James Brizuela | Published

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There are few people who have had a string of massively successful comedy movies other than the likes of Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler. In fact, during the early 2000s, Sandler had a ton of comedies that made him a household name. However, one of the comedies that did not sit well with audiences is Little Nicky, which is currently tearing up the streaming charts, as it sits at #5 of the most streamed movies in the United States.

Little Nicky was released in 2000 and became a box office bomb. The Adam Sandler-led movie would only make a meager $58 million at the worldwide box office against a budget of about $85 million. It could have been the “satanic” themes in the movie that caused audiences to turn against the usually popular Sandler humor, but this was certainly one that didn’t match the success of his other outings.

Little Nicky might be the most bizarre Adam Sandler movie ever made, and that was something echoed by the critic review of the movie. Though Sandler comedies aren’t usually the most significantly liked, Little Nicky became one of his least-liked movies. It currently sits at a 22% critic approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with a much better 55% audience approval rating.

Little Nicky follows Adam Sandler’s Nicky, who is the son of Satan himself. When Satan decides to rule over Hell for another millennium, his sons Cassius and Adrian escape Hell, which causes Satan to start to deteriorate. Nicky is then tasked with heading to Earth so that he can get Cassius and Adrian to return to the underworld. However, when returning to Earth, Nicky starts to realize how unlike he is to his brothers and father.

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Without ruining the whole movie, everyone can see this Adam Sandler comedy on HBO Max right now. Though critics hated how Nicky sounded in the movie, we think the movie is an underrated comedy that exists in the catalog of Sandler’s career. Little Nicky is just as silly as the rest of his comedies usually are, and it should be taken as such.

Despite what we think, Little Nicky is one of the worst-rated movies that Adam Sandler has ever been in. The movie does feature one of the best casts though as Sandler is joined by Patricia Arquette, Harvey Keitel, Rhys Ifans, Tom Lister Jr., Rodney Dangerfield, Allen Covert, and has cameos that include Ozzy Osbourne, Dan Marino, and a fantastic appearance by Quentin Tarantino. This expansive cast was not enough to convince critics that the comedy was worth watching, but we certainly think it is.

If you can take Little Nicky at face value, and you have enjoyed all the other silly and slapstick comedies from Adam Sandler’s career, then you’ll laugh just as much as we have at this movie. Little Nicky is currently streaming on HBO Max, and there is a good reason why it’s #5 among the most streamed movies. Go watch it, especially if you grew up with his movie, as the nostalgia will keep you laughing throughout.