Sylvester Stallone Shares Heartwarming Video With Young Rocky Fans

By Tristan Zelden | 4 weeks ago

sylvester stallone

Last week Sylvester Stallone posted a heartwarming video on his Instagram. The star was met by three young girls who were taking tennis lessons and wanted to meet the action star legend when they spotted him.

You can watch the Sylvester Stallone moment in the video below.

While golfing, Sylvester Stallone talked to them about Rocky, his iconic franchise of boxing movies. One of the fans mentioned it, which prompted the actor to ask them about boxing. When one mentioned jiu-jitsu, he wanted to see what she could do by twisting his arm. The video ended with Sylvester Stallone taking a picture with the three tennis players and mistaking their coach as their mom.

In the caption, Sylvester Stallone wrote briefly about the encounter. He wrote that he was “amazed” by the kids who wanted to meet Rocky himself. He noted that it was “gratifying” and to “keep punching.”

Sylvester Stallone created himself a legacy with Rocky. The 1976 boxing film is a beloved classic; despite its plentiful sequels not being as well-received, it still did not dampen the iconic story from resonating with fans across multiple generations. Regardless of the mixed reception of the successors, the core installments have grossed over $560 million, with an additional $225 million from the two Creed movies. The highest-grossing entries were the fourth with over $127 million and the third with over $124 million. The lowest was the fifth’s $40 million earnings.

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Resonating with such young fans who wanted to meet the real Rocky Balboa might be due to the character’s revival in 2015’s Creed, which also breathed new life in the franchise. The acclaimed film had Sylvester Stallone become a mentor for a new boxer, Adonis Johnson, played by Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther). With an Oscar nomination for Stallone and grossing $173 million in the box office from a $35 million budget. The film would go off to have a sequel in 2018 and is in the works for a third entry, which will not see Rocky.

Rocky was a hit across the board, whether you are talking about awards or the box office. The film won three of its 10 Oscar nominations, one of which was for Sylvester Stallone’s performance as the leading character. What it won for was Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Film Editing. When it came to money, it had a budget of approximately $1 million and grossed over $117 million.

The Expendables 4

Outside of the boxing ring, Sylvester Stallone is known for other roles. The action star is known for franchises like Rambo and The Expendables. While a fourth Expendables is in the works, he was also Rambo recently in 2019’s Last Blood.

While no boxing is in sight, Sylvester Stallone still has plenty of films coming where he will probably beat down or kill someone. He will voice King Shark in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, which hits theaters and HBO Max on August 6, 2021. He returns to the previously mentioned ensemble action franchise The Expendables for a fourth entry. He will appear in the superhero movie Samaritan by director Julius Avery (Overlord) and writer Bragi F. Schut (Escape Room). Finally on his schedule is Rowan Athale’s (Outside the Wire) Little America.