See Sofia Vergara’s Sexiest Bikini Moments

Sofia Vergara really loves bikini pictures.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

sofia vergara

If you haven’t noticed by now, Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara is pretty much synonymous with bikini pictures. When you’re as busy as Sofia Vergara is judging shows like America’s Got Talent and Germany’s Next Topmodel, you understand all too well that dress rehearsals and productions require many wardrobe changes. So can you blame the Griselda star for wanting to play it a little more casual when she’s on her personal time?

It’s no mystery that Sofia Vergara takes excellent care of herself, and we wanted to highlight some of our favorite features of the stunning 50-year-old that we’ve done over the last several months. And it’s safe to say that when she’s not working, she’s more than likely rocking a stylish bikini and having a great time while doing so.

Sofia Vergara In A Bikini Modeling Throwback

Up first on the docket is a sexy throwback of Sofia Vergara horsing around. Simply captioned, “#tbt Republica Dominica,” Vergara is seen rocking a revealing black bikini with a head full of blonde hair, which believe it or not is actually her natural hair color. This may come as a surprise to you because she often colors her hair dark brown or black for her movie and television roles.

And to say she looks absolutely fierce in this photo would be a gross understatement. She’s smiling seductively while looking at somebody or something out of frame, while standing next to two majestic brown horses. But we’re going to weigh in here and say that Sofia Vergara is by far the most majestic figure in the photo (sorry horses!).

You can also see the beach in the background if you look hard enough, but we totally understand if you missed out on that minor detail.

Sofia Vergara Filling In A Sexy Black Bikini

Speaking of sexy black bikinis, we wanted to segue into some absolutely stunning vacation photos that Sofia Vergara took while on holiday with her husband. She can be seen standing in front of an antique bathroom mirror, wearing a black bikini that leaves very little to the imagination. The photo is captioned, “playa brisa y mar,” which translates to “beach, breeze, and sea.”

And if you continue through the slideshow, you can tell that she certainly wasn’t kidding about the breeze on the beach. Though the beach is cloudy, and the wind is making the palm trees dance around like crazy, it’s safe to say that Sofia Vergara’s radiance alone could light up an otherwise cloudy day without much difficulty.

Sofia Vergara Does Housework In A Sexy Bikini

There’s only one thing that’s worse than having to do than do housework: wearing pants. But when Sofia Vergara is on vacation, she understands that she can bend the rules a little bit. Not only is her husband, Joe Manganiello (True Blood) playfully egging her on because she shouldn’t be doing housework while on vacation, she’s quick to snap back, stating “there is no vacation when you like beautiful things.”

But we’re seeing two beautiful things in this video: the brass lantern that Sofia Vergara is expertly polishing while wearing a stylish wrap and a blue bikini top, and Sofia Vergara wearing a stylish wrap and a blue bikini top while expertly polishing a brass lantern.

Sofia Vergara In A Sexy String Bikini

Last on the list, we have a photo of Sofia Vergara in a sexy string bikini from another Throwback Thursday post. One of her followers on Instagram even stated that her throwback photos are the reason they look forward to Thursdays. And it’s evident that this one user isn’t alone in thinking this, considering the picture racked up a whopping 196,995 likes since being posted.

In the photo, Sofia Vergara can be seen wearing an electric blue string bikini that shows off her figure. And if the saying is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then her smile must be worth at least a thousand pictures in this sexy throwback.