See Sofia Vergara In A Sexy String Bikini

Sofia Vergara has been turning heads her entire life it seems, and she has shown why with a new throwback image of her in a sexy string bikini.

By James Brizuela | Published

sofia vergara

Sofia Vergara sure knows how to celebrate Throwback Thursday. Throwback Thursday is the weekly ritual where people post videos or pictures of what they looked like some years ago. Vergara participates quite a lot, which is a delight for her fans. The woman did start out as a model, so she always has some pictures showcasing that fact. The offering of #tbt is of the actress in a sexy string bikini, which is perfect for the summer months are ongoing currently. Quite honestly, Vergara looks as amazing now as she did when she shot the image. You can see the image below:

The quality of the image is not that great, but we can still see Sofia Vergara in all her glory. She looks as though she is modeling for something, as she is posing and nearly looking directly at the camera. Her barely-there string bikini certainly shows off her body quite well. She also looks incredibly tan, which could be from her traveling in the Bahamas, as indicated by her caption. Vergara always gets plenty of support on her social media page, and the above image has already racked up well over 130,000 likes. The over 1,000 comments are also full of fire, heart, and heart-eye emojis. We most certainly agree with everyone using those emojis to convey their emotions.

While Sofia Vergara might not be sun-tanning in the Bahamas currently, she is still one of the hosts of America’s Got Talent. She is joined by series regular hosts, Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Terry Crews. She joined the cast in season 15 and is clearly showing no signs of slowing down as a regular host. Vergara is also staying within the confines of television, as she is currently filming the biopic series, Griselda. Griselda is being produced for Netflix and will see Vergara take on one of the biggest TV roles of her life. She will be portraying Griselda Blanco, who was one of the most notorious drug traffickers in the world. The series currently has no release date, but we would assume that it is going to premiere on the streaming platform in early 2023.

This is not the first instance of Sofia Vergara landing a massive role, as she was the highest-paid woman in television from 2013 to 2020. That was because of her starring role as Gloria Maria Ramirez Delgado Pritchett on Modern Family. The popular sitcom became one of the biggest shows in ABC history and helped cement Vergara as one of the premiere actresses in the world.

It may take some time for us to see Sofia Vergara transformed as Griselda Blanco, but everyone can watch her play judge on America’s Got Talent, which airs every Tuesday and Wednesday. Apart from that, Vergara stays plenty busy posting her vivacious outfits on her Instagram page. She might also be one of the best people that participates in #tbt. Either way, the woman is stunning.