Seth Rogen Is Trending For Doing The Most Predictable Thing Possible

By Drew Dietsch | 1 month ago

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Seth Rogen helped establish his celebrity persona by being a very vocal user of cannabis. Throughout the many characters he has played in films like Pineapple Express and even a fictionalized version of himself in This Is the End, the actor has made it clear that he is a supporter of marijuana and is a big fan of its usage. And now, it looks like he has set social media on fire with a recent announcement that is par for the course when it comes to Seth Rogen being a proud weed smoker.

The actor and now business owner announced that he is opening his first-ever marijuana company called Houseplant. Seth Rogen says it has been a dream for himself over the last decade and now that dream is finally seeing the light of day. You can watch the announcement video he uploaded to his Twitter account right here:

It looks like there will be a number of different product options available through Houseplant that will also include paraphernalia like ashtrays and lighters. Also, Seth Rogen has been getting into ceramic pottery recently and has been sharing his work on social media. It looks like he will also be contributing some ceramic pieces for Houseplant as well. The company is even releasing vinyl records with playlists on them that will be inspired by the different strains of cannabis they are going to sell.

With marijuana legalization becoming a much more commonplace occurrence in the United States, one has to wonder if the plant will get decriminalized or legalized at a federal level and Seth Rogen could see his Houseplant company become a nationwide endeavor. There has definitely been a shift in public feelings towards cannabis and its regular usage. Could we see legalization actually take hold across the United States in this decade? Or will it still be dealt with on a state-by-state basis?

It would be wonderful to see Seth Rogen’s Houseplant become a well-known provider of cannabis. If the market is kind to him, perhaps we will see Houseplant branch out into other areas of the cannabis industry. It is an industry that is rapidly growing and expanding as legalization measures and efforts intensify across the country. Basically, Seth Rogen is getting in on the ground floor of a business endeavor that could prove to be exceptionally profitable over the next decade if laws begin to change soon.

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In the entertainment sphere, Seth Rogen is keeping busy in his role as a producer on the popular Amazon Prime series The Boys. He is also set to appear in the upcoming biopic about Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson titled Pam & Tommy. He’ll also be acting as an executive producer in the newest feature film version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In between all these roles and being the figurehead for a cannabis company, it sure does seem like a busy but profitable time to be Seth Rogen. And with the Houseplant announcement taking off on social media, it seems like it is nothing but good news for the famous stoner.

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