See Zoe Saldana Run Topless For A Sexy Getting Ready Video

By James Brizuela | Published

zoe saldana

We have all likely had to quickly get ready our lives for some sort of event, but we have likely not recorded ourselves doing so. Zoe Saldana decided to give her fans a look at how she gets ready in a few second’s time, including a moment where she runs away topless in a sexy video posted to her Instagram page. Maybe Gamora does not have the ability to get fully dressed within seconds, but Saldana certainly does.

Zoe Saldana rushes in the above video while eating a quick snack, running from the camera topless, fixing her shoe, and finally enjoying the daytime breeze while she engages in a photoshoot on a balcony. From her hashtags, we can presume that Saldana is in Brazil while promoting Avatar: The Way of Water. The accompanying song in the video is “Bringing Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake, and that is exactly what Saldana is doing.

As previously mentioned, Zoe Saldana is currently doing her promotional run for Avatar: The Way of Water, which is set to premiere around the world on December 16th. The long-awaited James Cameron-led sequel has been 12 years in the making, as the first movie in the franchise was released in 2009. We would imagine that Saldana is going to be plenty busy getting ready quickly for the next six months, as she has two blockbuster movies coming out.

Avatar: The Way of Water is the first of her big starring affairs, which will be followed by her presumed final time in the MCU, when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 comes out on May 5, 2023. Zoe Saldana has been quite vocal about how busy she has been, even saying that she has been “artistically stuck” as she has been doing nothing but appearing in franchises for the past 10 years. We would imagine how much time she has to invest in playing Gamora, and now the same with Neytiri.

zoe saldana
Zoe Saldana in From Scratch.

Avatar 2 might be released soon, but James Cameron has plans in the works for the sixth and seventh films, but that is all predicated on the sequel making a ton of money. There are rumors going around that Avatar 2 has a budget of around $350 to $400 million, which would make it one of the top five most expensive movies ever made. Should it flop, Cameron has already stated he would abandon the rest of his plans, which could lead to Zoe Saldana finally getting away from the drudgery of appearing in franchises.

Despite Zoe Saldana appearing in both the MCU and Avatar, she still has a huge slate of other projects to be excited about. Saldana is rumored to star in Emilia Perez alongside Selena Gomez, which follows a lawyer having to aid a cartel boss in retiring from his business and disappearing. She also has a starring role in Lioness, with is a TV series revolving around the CIA recruiting a young marine that must befriend the daughter of a terrorist group, so that the group can be taken down.

With so many franchises and starring appearances in her immediate future, we now understand why Zoe Saldana has to get ready quickly. We just hope that she remembers to put her top on every time she rushes out the door.