See Jenna Ortega Party In A Sexy Corset And Collar

Jenna Ortega stuns at a Golden Globes afterparty in a corset and collar ensemble.

By James Brizuela | Published

jenna ortega scream 6

Jenna Ortega is currently Hollywood’s “it” girl, and she naturally was invited to be part of The Golden Globes. Ortega was spotted at an afterparty, where she showcased a corset and collar combination that oozed the same style and poise she portrays in the Wednesday series. Also, she was photographed next to Percy Hynes, who plays Xavier Thorpe in the new smash Netflix show.

Jenna Ortega was at The Golden Globes to represent Wednesday, which was nominated for Best Musical or Comedy series, an award that was given to Abbott Elementary. Still, Ortega looked fantastic in the above images and while she was on the red carpet wearing a beige ensemble that was far removed from her clothing in her hit series. Hilariously, Ortega stated that she regrets how massive the “Wednesday Dance” has become, and how viral it has also gone.

For fans of Jenna Ortega, she is set to have an even bigger 2023. She will be reprising her role as Tara Carpenter for Scream 6, which will see the survivors of the last movie flee to New York, only to be hunted by another Ghostface copycat. Scream 6 is set to premiere in theaters on March 10, and there are plenty of rumors indicating that this entry is going to be the bloodiest.

jenna ortega wednesday dance

Also, Netflix has finally approved a second season for Wednesday, which we would assume is going to go into production quite soon. Wednesday became a smash hit for the streaming platform, skyrocketing into the number three spot for most-watched series in the platform’s history. Wednesday‘s 1.23 billion hours watched nearly overtook Stranger Things Season 4, which sits at 1.35 billion hours watched.

Jenna Ortega will also be starring in Miller’s Girl, which follows a student and a teacher who bond over a complex creative writing assignment. She is also set to star in Finestkind, which follows two brothers who are pulled into organized crime. Ortega will star in the picture alongside Ben Foster and Tommy Lee Jones.

Though Jenna Ortega has become a “scream queen,” it is great that she is branching out to show her acting chops in different genres. We would imagine that she could be garnering many award nods when she begins to get more dramatic roles, which sounds to us like it is already happening. Ortega will also reunite with Percy Hynes (pictured above) in a romance about teens that fall in love called Winter Spring Summer or Fall.

While Jenna Ortega is certainly being coy about her massive success, she looks as though she is having a great time on the red carpet and while at parties. She is currently the biggest young star in Hollywood, and that is in large part to Wednesday being so massively popular. Though she hates that her signature dance has also gone viral many times over, she still has some fantastic moves that are bringing in far more fans for her.

Everyone can see Jenna Ortega in her next horror venture, when Scream 6 hits theaters on March 10.