Horrific Sea World Incident Claims Multiple Lives

Two helicopters have collided outside a Sea World theme park in Australia, leaving at least four confirmed dead.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

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Tragedy is already striking in 2023 both at home and abroad as, in Australia, four people have been confirmed dead following a collision that involved two helicopters crashing into one another. According to Sky News, which shared photos and a video of the wreckage site that you can see below, the accident took place just outside the gates of Sea World in Queensland during a busy summer day. Apparently, one of the helicopters was taking off with the other landing as they collided with one another.

As can be seen in the video and several stills of the helicopter crash on a sandbank just outside of Seaworld, one of the aircraft appears to be much more decimated than the other. While one looks to have sustained minor damages but is still standing upright, the other crashed onto the ground upside down. The machines are speculated to be owned and run by a business called Sea World Helicopters, a company that’s not affiliated with the marine-life theme park and have neither confirmed nor denied the usage of their aircraft in the accident.

Between the two choppers involved in the Sea World accident, there were 13 passengers total. According to Queensland Ambulance Service member Janey Shearman, three of those people are being treated for “multi-system trauma” with six others being given care for minor injuries – specifically those sustained from the aircraft’s crushed glass. Four others did not survive the devastating crash. 

The accident was witnessed by many of those at Sea World, with several folks coming forward to share what they heard and saw as the two helicopters collided just outside of the park. One man, only naming himself as John, praised the park’s staff for their ability to move quickly and close off the areas surrounding the crash. He said that he heard “a massive, massive bang,” adding that he believes it was the sound of the helicopters “propellers or whatever hitting against each other.”

A traumatic event for all those involved and the onlookers inside Sea World, John added that he saw a “lady and her son” sobbing while standing close to the helipad. Following the heartbreaking incident, Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk made a statement referring to the collision as an “unthinkable tragedy.”

The tragic news coming today from Queensland’s Sea World is just another reminder that life-altering danger can present itself in unbelievable places. Just a few months ago, we brought you the story of a major theme park malfunction in the Indian state of Punjab that saw a drop ride take on a sinister mind of its own, plummeting riders to the ground below. Out of the 50 people on board, over half were hurt, with many being forced to seek medical treatment for their injuries. 

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Perhaps the most upsetting part about accidents like the one in Punjab or the more recent helicopter crash outside of Queensland’s Sea World is that they can’t be predicted. While you can do your best to stay aware of your surroundings at all times and keep those closest to you safe, there’s no way to prevent freak accidents like these. At this time, we wish all those affected by this tragedy healing and peace.