Anime Fans Going Wild With Pre-Orders For Sci-Fi Classic Blu-ray

By Nina Phillips | Updated

Fans of Macross Plus have been eagerly waiting for a release of the series in the West. Thankfully, they’re finally getting what they want with a Macross Plus Ultimate Blu-ray release later this year. Pre-orders opened in early June, and sales are already going wild.

All The Features You’d Ever Need

Macross Plus

The pre-orders started on June 6, first announced in May at the MCM Comic Con London by Anime Limited. The pre-orders feature a limited edition Macross Plus movie Blu-ray and the Macross Plus OVA on Blu-ray. In addition to the four-episode OVA first released in 1994 and the movie, the order will include an 184-page hardcover book covering the history of the series, as well as an A3 promo poster, and nine art cards.

The book is full of all sorts of stunning history, interviews, and key animation artwork. Each of the Macross Plus Blu-ray discs also features several options for audio and subtitles as well as several bonus features.

Expected Delivery Dates

Macross Plus

As for when those who pre-ordered are expected to get the Macross Plus Ultimate Edition Blu-ray box set, it appears that the release date is around September 30, according to Forbes, for the United States. Meanwhile, in Europe, the release date might be later in October.

In the United States, Crunchyroll is in charge of the sales. The Macross Plus Blu-ray bundle costs $189.99. Meanwhile, AllTheAnime is in charge of distributing the limited edition set throughout most of Europe. They’re charging £99.99.

Well Worth The Price

Macross Plus

For what’s included, the prices are fairly steep. However, with Macross Plus being so difficult to find in the United States, some fans are willing to pay a premium price just to get a Blu-ray version of the movie and the OVA. In an era full of streaming services, these sorts of special editions are helping to save physical media.

However, those holding out for a standard version might want to go ahead and preorder the ultimate edit on of Macross Plus. According to All The Anime‘s X account, the OVA isn’t going to be released with any standard edition. For fans hoping to get both, the Macross Plus Ultimate Blu-ray bundle may be the only option.

Supplies Are Limited

Macross Plus

Besides the price and the release dates, the two editions seem similar in terms of inclusions. Unfortunately, for the pre-orders, it seems that many countries, including Australia and Canada, aren’t included. France has its own version of a release, limited to the first 200 orders.

The pre-orders will stay live as long as there are editions to sell. With how eager many fans are to get their hands on Macross Plus, sales might not be open for long.

Pre-Order While You Still Can

Macross Plus

When Macross Plus was first released, it was considered a pioneer in art styles, managing to blend CGI with more traditional animation. Even in modern art, finding a way to blend two different art styles seamlessly is difficult, which is why Macross Plus was so impressive, and why having a Blu-ray version is so exciting.

The story also drew in many fans. Macross Plus is set in 2040 on a planet far away from Earth and is set several decades after the timeline of the original Macross. The story focuses on childhood-friends-turned-rivals who aren’t able to get along. However, as a mutual friend’s life is put at risk, the two must put aside their differences to beat much newer and better ships and save their friend.

Source: Forbes