See Salma Hayek Swaying Slowly To The Camera

Salma Hayek sways sexily in a sparkly dress in a new post on social media.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Recently, Salma Hayek appeared on the first episode of Black Mirror’s new season premiere episode “Joan Is Awful.” In typical fashion, the Netflix show offered a twisted take on something that we take for granted, the creation and consumption of internet content, and made it look scarier than we could have ever imagined. Fortunately, there’s nothing scary about Hayek’s Instagram post that begins with her sexily swaying and dancing to the music.

While Salma Hayek’s dancing body is certainly enough to catch anyone’s attention, that’s not all the video contains. It also provides a behind-the-scenes look at an audience screening of the episode in question. As Hayek writes in her Instagram post, she is hoping everyone who streams the episode at home “loses their minds” as much as the rest audience, which we really do see going crazy over the screening.

While it’s quite likely most of the audience was super excited to be in the same room as Salma Hayek, but they were also likely thrilled to see an episode that spoke to our modern concerns as a society. In “Joan Is Awful,” we see the actual Joan get home from a grueling day at work and turn on the TV to relax. But she can’t relax because the events of her day have already been transformed into a professional television show called Joan Is Awful where Salma Hayek plays the titular character.

While the episode does take the story in some unexpected places, the basic theme has all the subtlety of an old episode of Star Trek. Viewers are meant to consider the ramifications of living in a society where people’s lives are constantly being turned into content for others to consume. Sure, people like influencers do this voluntarily, but as Black Mirror reminds us, all of us could be one scandal or just one bad day away from having our own Salma Hayek turn our own suffering into cheap entertainment.

salma hayek
Salma Hayek in Black Mirror

This is a phenomenon well understood on the dying social media platform Twitter, where longtime users have a running joke about how your main goal is to never become the “main character” of the day. That is, nobody wants to accidentally churn out the kinds of hot takes that get hundreds or even thousands of people to dunk on them, but at the same time, users collectively understand that the entire platform thrives on the kind of communal shaming that this ritual produces (though it might take some of the sting away if Salma Hayek was involved in our inevitable public shaming).

Ultimately, this Black Mirror premiere is a must-watch, whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or a new fan who is ready to take the plunge. As the name of the show implies, each story is about holding up this kind of dark reflection of society so that we can get a good, hard look at how strange and ugly our world really is. And the sheer beauty of actors like Salma Hayek just makes that ugliness stand out in stark relief, making you think about the bleak messages of the show long after you’ve turned off the television.