Pirates Make WWE Change Course At Sea

By April Ryder | Published

If you think you’ve heard it all, try this … The WWE Elimination Chamber cage was delayed in transit due to pirates. Instead of a speedy route by sea through the Suez Canal, the cage took a much longer journey to arrive in Perth, Australia where the event will take place. 

A Detour To Australia

In a WWE Elimination Chamber Press Event held today, Michael Cole told the Australian crowd that the chamber had its own battle on its way to Perth. “Originally it was supposed to ship through the Suez Canal, but pirates ended those plans,” he said.

The Pirate Problem

When news of pirating activity came through the “grapevine,” those responsible for shipping the WWE chamber cage thought it wise to rethink their chosen course.  Instead, the WWE had the chamber cage sent to Miami, driven by a big truck to Los Angeles, taken from California to Sydney, Australia, by ship, and moved by train to its final destination, Perth.  

Warning From The United Nations

Pirating isn’t something typically seen as a problem within the Suez Canal, but the waters all around the canal can get pretty dodgy. After the UN’s shipping chief warned that pirates were targeting ships diverted from the Red Sea (which is necessary to enter when you go through the Suez Canal), the WWE had to choose a shipping route that went around the other side of the globe to reach Australia. 

The Road To Wrestlemania

The WWW Elimination Chamber event will be held at the Optus Stadium and streamed live on Peacock beginning early Saturday at 5 am. The men’s match will feature Logan Paul, LA Knight, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre. The women’s segment will feature Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, Tiffany Stratton, Liv Morgan, Raquel Rodriguez, and Naomi.

Determine Contenders For Wrestlemania

The winners of the event will face off against the current world champions in their perspective categories. The male winner will face Seth Rollins for the world heavyweight title, and the female winner will compete against Rhea Ripley for the women’s world champion at WrestleMania. 

YouTube Star To WWE Champion

This weekend’s event will also give fans the chance to get a peek at Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, Grayson Waller, and the U.S. Champion (and renowned troublemaker) Logan Paul at the WWE Elimination Chamber Event on Saturday, February 24th. Notably, this is the first major event the company has held in Australia and only the second since Vince McMahon left the company.

Logan Paul Is An Amazing Villain

During the press event held today, Logan Paul found a good time to talk a little trash to Kevin Owens. After asking Owens what’s wrong and telling him he looks a little dehydrated, Paul offered him a Prime to rehydrate a little. 

Evidently, Kevin Owens doesn’t like Prime, so he slapped the bottle out of Paul’s hands and pushed him, starting a little physical spat between the two. Randy Orton and Triple H stepped in once the boys got heated to diffuse the situation. 

The Shoey

Waller and Ripley added to the excitement when they came out for the end of the WWE press event to conclude the fun with a “shoey.” Waller and Ripley are native Australians, and the two aimed to honor a timeless tradition in their country by ending the event by drinking a couple of beers from their shoes. Here’s hoping they hadn’t walked too far in those shoes before the event started.