Pete Davidson High At Music Icon’s Funeral

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Pete Davidson is making all kinds of ridiculous revelations in his new Netflix stand-up comedy special, Pete Davidson: Turbo Fonzarelli. While the comedian has a slew of wild stories to tell from his time in the entertainment industry, it was his attendance at legendary singer Aretha Franklin’s funeral that has folks talking.

High At Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

According to Davidson, he was completely high during his time attending the somber event – and we don’t mean after smoking a blunt of weed on the car ride over.

No, instead Pete Davidson says that he was essentially in a k-hole throughout the Queen of Soul’s funeral as he took a big dose of ketamine in the hours before.

Although he doesn’t reveal the reason behind his use of the drug, Davidson has always been vocal about his struggle with mental health. As ketamine is now used as a form of therapy and treatment for depression, this may have been the reason he rolled up to the funeral almost dissociating.

Embarrassed About Use

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Further leaning into the theory that Pete Davidson was taking ketamine at the time to treat his mental health, he revealed that he was no longer on the drug and that he was “embarrassed” about how many times he used it before going out.

“That’s not cool, you know?” the comedian said about appearing high at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. Though, he tossed in the note that she would never know that he was there – poking fun at himself that she wouldn’t even know him if she was and cracking a joke about paying his “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.S.” to her family.

There With Ariana Grande

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For those who may be wondering why Pete Davidson was at Aretha Franklin’s funeral as it seems like an unlikely pairing, the comedian was there in attendance with his then-fiancee Ariana Grande.

Grande performed as a way to pay her respects to the iconic vocalist who came before her and joined a list of entertainers that included Jennifer Hudson, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, and Faith Hill.

Hot Couple

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One of the most talked about couples in 2018 (remember those magical pre-COVID days?) Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson burned like a supernova in a whirlwind romance that crashed and burned shortly after Aretha Franklin’s funeral.

The singer was so enamored with the Saturday Night Live alum that she wrote a song for him and put the track on her studio album, Sweetener which also arrived in 2018.

Not since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s first try at love in the early 2000s did the tabloids and internet have such a field day as when Davidson and Grande were together.

Kim Kardashian Next

After the pair split up, Pete Davidson would go on to date Kim Kardashian immediately following her separation from Kanye West. Like his romance with Ariana Grande, his time with the Kardashian clan was the stuff of internet and tabloid fodder.

Though he’s pointed out that he’s only had a handful of serious relationships, Pete Davidson continues to find his name in the headlines for his romantic entanglements.

After SNL

The actor, who skyrocketed to fame during his time on Saturday Night Live, has since been seen in his own Peacock series, Bupkis, and even returned to the weekend sketch comedy favorite as the host at the end of 2023.

Along with his new Netflix special, audiences can soon catch Pete Davidson back on the big screen in the productions Wizards! and Riff Raff.

Source: Rolling Stone