Pete Davidson’s Net Worth And The Craziest Purchase The Ex-SNLer Made

Pete Davidson has a net worth of around $8 million dollars and he bought an actual Staten Island Ferry boat with his wealth.

By David Harrison | Published

Pete Davidson just made a major move, one that could affect his net worth when it’s all said and done though in which direction remains to be seen. He finally called it quits on Saturday Night Live after eight seasons, making one of the more improbably runs we’ve ever seen on the iconic show. Considering the age at which he joined and the trajectory of his career in general, it’s no wonder that Pete Davidson has had about as unique a career as you’ll ever see in showbiz.

And even still at just a young age, Pete Davidson has been able to grow a net worth well beyond many of his peers in the industry, especially when it comes to younger comics. It’s a testament to his certain style, brutal honesty, possible fragility, and captivating presence that seems to have people drawn close to him time and time again. Let’s take a look at the career of Pete Davidson and how his net worth has grown over time.


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It’s been reported by multiple outlets that Pete Davidson has a net worth of $8 million dollars. This would stem from movie appearances, real estate, and other ventures. It’s worth noting that this stands in pretty stark contrast to (now) ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian who has a reported net worth of around $1.8 billion dollars. So there was some “catching up” to do and maybe this gap contributed to their split. Kidding aside, Pete Davidson has forged one of the more unlikely careers out there and now that he’s left Saturday Night Live, there could be some big things coming.


Back in February, Pete Davidson did make a move out of his home base of Staten Island and over to Brooklyn, The apartment in Staten Island had originally been purchased for $1.2 million dollars back in 2020. He gave a bit of insight into why he was making the move in that it appears it was just too annoying to make the commute into Manhattan on a regular basis because of the traffic and other issues. 

And this Staten Island condo wasn’t the only piece of property Pete Davidson has as part of his net worth real estate holdings. Back in 2019, the actor purchased a $1.3 million house with his mother. It’s a far cry from the kinds of homes featured in King of Staten Island, a semi-autobiographical look at Davidson’s life. This one is more the mansion type, and Davidson had converted the basement into his own place to live when the mood suited.


Pete Davidson and Colin Jost on Saturday Night Live

One thing about Pete Davidson accumulating more net worth is the ability to purchase larger items, even if they are a bit, well, odd. It’s been reported that he and fellow Saturday Night Live-er Colin Jost made a joint purchase of something you don’t see every day. That’s because the two bought a decommissioned Staten Island Ferry with some pretty big plans for the liner. They have the goal of turning it into an entertainment facility and comedy club in the near future. The ship was won in an auction with the two paying $280,100 total for the privilege of owning it.

How did Pete Davidson grow his net worth like this? Let’s take a look back at some career highlights and the tragedy that defined his childhood.


At a younger age, it didn’t necessarily look like Pete Davidson was destined for a life in comedy. That’s because he was dealt significant tragedy when he was growing up. Peter Davidson’s father was a New York City fireman who was one of the first responders at the Twin Towers during the events of 9/11.

While entering one of the buildings after the attack that morning, the building collapsed and Scott Davidson lost his life. Pete Davidson was only seven years old at the time and he’s been on record saying this moment, rightfully so, had a profoundly terrible effect on his life, especially as a young boy.

After struggling in the years following his father’s death, the Staten Island native began turning to standup comedy in his teenage years, first starting close to home and then venturing across the river to the Big Apple to find bigger audiences there.

He began developing a following and also caught the eye of some notable comedians at the time. For Pete Davidson, these early gigs were far from net worth builders but rather began establishing him in what can be a cutthroat industry, especially for this so young of an age. He was just 16 when he “started” and around 18 is when he first started to make real inroads. 


It’s always hard to get a handle on what performers are paid for early gigs, especially when it comes to comedy, so determining Pete Davidson’s net worth early on is a bit tough. He made appearances on Gotham Comedy Live and also had some shorter stints on MTV2 productions like Guy Code and Nick Cannon Presents: Wild’n Out. There was also a multi-episode arc on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as well. 


It was in 2014 when Pete Davidson got his biggest break for his net worth and career in general. That was landing a spot on Saturday Night Live and becoming one of the youngest-ever cast members for the iconic show. While getting a role on SNL hasn’t been the career turning point for all comedians who’ve graced its halls, for Pete Davidson this was definitely a needle-mover to say the least.

Pete Davidson would go on to have a number of hilarious, and recognizable skits and characters over the years. Probably his most famous was that of Chad, a burned-out space case who would be seemingly unfazed by even the craziest and inane of situations. Chad found himself being hunted by Ghostface from the Scream franchise, stuck on Mars after a failed mission, and part of a hostage situation among many others.

In terms of Pete Davidson’s increasing net worth, Saturday Night Live isn’t the top earnings spot in all of Hollywood, but it’s clearly nothing to sneeze at either. It’s been reported that at least for his final couple of seasons, Pete Davidson was paid somewhere in the area of $15,000 per episode of Saturday Night Live. He eventually appeared in 160 total episodes of the iconic show. While his pay rate almost definitely fluctuated throughout his time at 30 Rock, putting Pete Davidson’s earnings somewhere in the $2 million range for his run of the show.