O.J. Simpson Being Sued For Nearly $100 Million By Murder Victim’s Father

Did he find the "real killer" yet?

By Michileen Martin | Published

oj simpson

Will OJ Simpson ever get out of legal trouble? Apparently not any time soon. The former running back is in trouble again, and this time because of a 25 year old lawsuit. Fred Goldman — father of the late Ron Goldman — says Simpson owes him $96 million.

According to TMZ Sports, Fred Goldman has filed new court documents in order to apply for a renewal of the judgment against OJ Simpson from 1997. At the time, a civil trial jury ordered OJ to pay Goldman’s family $33.5 million in damages for the wrongful death of Ron Goldman. Fred Goldman’s recently filed documents claims Simpson has not made good on that order. The documents say Simpson has sent out only “relatively small payments” since the judgment and claims that with interest OJ’s debt has increased to $96 million.

In 1995 — in what proved to be one of the most controversial and headline-making trials in the past few decades — OJ Simpson was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. But the acquittal didn’t stop the Goldmans. Fred Goldman brought a wrongful death civil suit against Simpson and won.

Goldman claims that OJ Simpson is more than capable of continuing to pay what he owes. In 2008, Simpson was convicted of criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, assault, robbery, using a deadly weapon, and other charges related to a Las Vegas casino robbery and was sentenced to 33 years in prison with the possibility of parole in nine years. In October 2017, he was released from prison on parole. Now, five years later, Goldman argues Simpson has been making money since his release and should be compelled to continue payments.

In fact, even while he was in prison OJ Simpson was apparently making six figures, but unfortunately for Goldman a lot of that money can’t be touched. As CNBC reported the year Simpson was released, since 2012 the former running back had been earning $10,565 per month from an NFL pension that started paying out the year he turned 65 (he is currently 74). By the time of his October 2017 release, Simpson had reportedly amassed around $600,000 from the pension, however CNBC also says that legally he doesn’t have to use money from a pension to pay off the millions he owes the Goldman family.

According to Money.com, OJ Simpson has even more pension coming his way than was reported by CNBC. First of all, the NFL pension payments come from $5 million Simpson invested years ago, and while CNBC reported he was receiving $10,565 per month while in prison, he could receive even more — up to a ceiling of $25,000 per month. Second, Simpson also receives a pension from the Screen Actors’ Guild for his work in TV and movies, including his appearances in the Leslie Nielsen-led police parody film series The Naked Gun. There are also residuals Simpson receives from those screen projects, and back in 2007 Goldman’s lawyers accused OJ of diverting that money to avoid paying the damages.