Amber Heard Claims A Huge Piece Of Evidence Would Have Changed Lawsuit Outcome

Amber Heard was interviewed about the trial that caught the world's attention, and how a crucial piece of evidence left out would have changed the verdict.

By James Brizuela | Published

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More seems to be coming out about Amber Heard and her opinions of what had transpired in the courtroom between her and ex-husband Johnny Depp. Although Heard mostly lost the defamation lawsuit, apart from one count of defamation that swung in her favor, she continues to claim that she was telling the truth. The same can be said for Depp’s team as well. Heard went on the Today show, to get more into her feelings about her loss. There, she revealed that had her therapist’s notes been accepted as evidence, the outcome of the trial would have completely gone in her favor.

According to Amber Heard, “There’s a binder [of] years of notes dating back to 2011 from the very beginning of my relationship that were taken by my doctor.” She added, “I’m talking about what happened to me in real-time. She’s taking contemporaneous notes of what’s happening.” Although this might have seemed like substantial evidence that should have appeared in the trial, presiding Judge Penney Azcarate did not allow the notes to be submitted. According to the judge, they would only be looked at as “hearsay.” This was a much different tone than the UK courts where Johnny Depp lost the case against The Sun. The courts there claimed that The Sun proved 12 of the 14 abuses counts against the actor.

Amber Heard had claimed that despite the outcome of the trial, she would move on with her life. Unfortunately, it seems that she is continuing her quest to speak her own truth, and that includes going on live TV and stating that what she told everyone in court was true. Depp’s lawyers recently commented on the interview and had all but stated that Heard should move on with her life as she claimed that she was going to. Depp has moved on by posting two messages of thanks on his social media pages and continuing his music journey with collaborator, Jeff Beck. He did win the case after all, so it might be easier for him to just walk away.

Amber Heard might be fighting this case more to strengthen her appeal, which had already been stated would happen should either lose the case. However, some interesting rumors on that are that Johnny Depp and his legal team had hinted at dropping the damages if Heard would let go of her appeal and accept defeat. There have been no confirmations of this, however. Whatever happens next, it sounds as if Heard is not going to go down quietly, and we may be seeing an appeal trial happening in the future. There were also rumors that Heard is not able to pay the $8.35 million in damages, though that has not been proven true either.

It sounds as if this trial has caused Amber Heard a ton of heartbreak in many ways, and this might be a losing battle that the actress cannot escape from. She may have to just accept the loss and truly move on from it. The public opinion of her might alter should she just accept her loss, and truly drop this quest to overturn a court decision. We will see what comes of this trial in the coming weeks, though we can presume the drama surrounding it is far from over.