Nicole Kidman Just Bid An Absurd Amount Of Money For A Hat

Nicole Kidman bid $100k on a hat worn by her Australia co-star Hugh Jackman at a charity event.

By Britta DeVore | Published

nicole kidman

In true legend fashion, Australian actress Nicole Kidman blew attendees’ minds at a charity auction at the Winter Garden Theatre for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS following Saturday night’s performance of the critically acclaimed musical, The Music Man. Taking center stage, Hugh Jackman and his co-stars were seen auctioning off a hat that Jackman wears in the show, asking for someone in the crowd to beat the running bid of $19,000. A Twitter video shared by Jackman, which you can see above, catches all the excitement when a very familiar Australian voice calmly shouts “100,000.”

Applause erupts and, soon, giddy screams can be heard as the audience realizes who has placed the generous bid. Just as she would find her seat at an AMC theater, Nicole Kidman then slowly makes her way down the aisle, as only a top dog would, smiling at the adoring audience now losing their ever-loving minds to be in the very presence of the Academy Award-winning performer. As she approaches the stage, cast members jump for joy as Kidman embraces her longtime friend and Australia co-star, Jackman. 

Waving to, and blowing kisses at the cast, Nicole Kidman then turns around and, again, walks like a true icon back to her seat. The audience continues to explode with excitement, giving the Eyes Wide Shut star a standing ovation for her massive contribution to the charity. Forever cheeky, Jackman shouts out “Nic!” before reminding her that the donation won’t be accepted in “Australian dollars.”

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman in Australia

An absolute boss, Nicole Kidman returns to the stage (again with a casual strut – what a gem) and shares her love for both Jackman and Broadway as a whole. She says that she appreciates the terrific work that Broadway Cares does and that she thought “the show was extraordinary.” Then, with her Music Man hat in tow, she walks back to her seat for the final time as the audience – you guessed it – continues to lose their minds.

Commenting on the generosity of his good friend, Jackman reveals that he’s been close with Nicole Kidman “for almost 30 years.” He says that her massive act of kindness “is not a surprise,” adding that “she’s one of the most generous souls” that he’s ever met. “You’re a beautiful beautiful person,” Jackman says to the Being the Ricardos actress, adding a heartfelt “I love you,” to the end of his mini speech. And with that, not a dry eye was left in the theater.

One of the biggest names in Hollywood, it’s no surprise why The Music Man audience was so excited to see the star. Over the years, Nicole Kidman has appeared in more titles than we can count, with a career that’s allowed her to move from the silver screen to the small screen, and even to the stage. Tackling any genre thrown her way, Kidman is a true star in every form of the word. 

Up next, Nicole Kidman fans can expect to see the actress in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, where she’ll reprise her role as Queen Atlanna from DC’s 2018 feature Aquaman. Also on the big screen, she’ll appear in Vicky Jenson’s computer-animated musical fantasy flick, Spellbound. Finally, moving back to the land of television, Kidman will both star and executive produce Prime Video’s drama series, Expats.