MySpace Tom Taking Over Twitter From Elon Musk?

MySpace Tom appeared on Twitter to bid to take over as the CEO of Twitter.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

Since his somewhat bonkers decision to take over Twitter, things have been rocky for the social media platform’s new CEO, Elon Musk. Seemingly fed up with his role and the constant pushback from celebrities and ordinary people alike, Musk took matters into his own hands, tweeting that if someone wanted to take over the reins, he would resign. In a tweet that you can see below, a champion stepped forward in the form of Tom Anderson, aka MySpace Tom, prepared to move through the top ten ranks and into the position of Twitter’s CEO.

The social shakeup happened over the weekend after Elon Musk polled users on whether they were happy with his current standing as the leader of the platform. Asking users if they were satisfied with his work, the Tesla creator said that he would step down if the majority believed that he should, leaving an opening for a new person to take on the position. Musk most likely didn’t expect the majority to vote that he should take a leave from his role, with MySpace Tom quickly putting his name in the race for the next Twitter CEO.

The chance for MySpace Tom’s new leadership position came as the current Twitter head wrote that he would jump ship and move to a different position for the company just “as soon” as he was able to “find someone foolish enough” to want the CEO role. And just like that, Tom Anderson tossed his name into the ring, sharing the iconic MySpace photo we all know and love. Blue check mark and all, it’s the real Tom, here to save the free world all over again.

myspace tom

For those who may not know, MySpace was one of the original social media platforms created by a man named Tom Anderson in 2003, just 3 years before Twitter would be established. For those of us living in the first decade of the 2000s, MySpace was a place to connect with others, share dramatic songs and emo photos, write well-thought bios, and continuously change your Top 10 friends list to make sure everyone knew where they stood. Upon signing up for an account, everyone had one friend that came with the platform – Tom.

There as your built-in pal, Tom’s thumbnail depicted the MySpace creator in a white tee shirt, smiling over his left shoulder with a dry-erase board in front of him. Next to his photo were his details – age, location, and gender – along with the most important information – when he was online last. This wholesome MySpace energy is exactly what Tom could bring to the table should he pull a Twitter takeover.

Even though it’s a foolish hope, we’re absolutely pulling for MySpace Tom to rule the Twitter arena. But, if he did, he’d certainly have his hands full. Elon Musk’s rise to the top of the platform saw the entrepreneur come in guns blazing, making a slew of changes that left many unsatisfied with their new CEO.

From massive layoffs to arguments with celebrities and a major loss of subscribers, Elon Musk made a tremendous amount of enemies during his first few weeks in office. It’s no wonder that people are calling for his resignation, but with the platform so off the rails, can it be saved? Maybe, just maybe, with a kind-hearted soul like MySpace Tom, Twitter can redeem itself and bring back its once-dedicated base.