Mother Of All Data Breaches Includes Info Hacked From Multiple Major Services

By Douglas Helm | Updated


A database with a massive amount of stolen data has been uncovered. The database contains over 26 billion records of user credentials and personally identifiable information or the equivalent of around 12 terabytes of data. The breach is so massive that it has already been dubbed the mother of all breaches (MOAB).

Major Websites Were Breached

The mother of all breaches data includes user information from websites like Tencent, Weibo, MySpace, Twitter/X, Wattpad, NetEase, Deezer, LinkedIn, AdultFriendFinder, Zynga, Luxottica, Evite, Zing, Adobe, MyFitnessPal, Canva,, Badoo, VK, and Youku. Tencent had the most records leaked, exposing a whopping 1.5 billion records. It’s worth noting that this database is composed of data gathered from previous leaks, but there’s likely new previously unleaked information since there are so many records.

The Largest Data Breach In History


The mother of all data breaches is certainly a fitting name, considering this may be the largest compilation of data breaches in history. The 26 billion records are located across 3,800 folders, and major websites like Twitter/X and Adobe are involved. Of course, the database also shows its age a bit, considering 360 million records leaked from MySpace. Smaller folders of records include Dailymotion (86 million records), Dropbox (69 million records), and Telegram (41 million).

Governments Were Hacked

The database even includes records from government organizations, including organizations from the United States. The researchers who uncovered the mother of all breaches database said that the aggregated data from the leak could be used for numerous attacks, such as identity theft, phishing schemes, cyberattacks, and accessing personal accounts. With this database out there, it’s possible that there could be a higher volume of attacks in the coming weeks and months.

Most Of The Stolen Records Are Old

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Despite the massive mother of all breaches, many records are likely old. Also, there are probably plenty of duplicate records in the mix. Still, it’s best to be cautious and follow best practices to prevent bad actors from accessing your personal and sensitive accounts. Changing your passwords and using two-factor authentication can make it more difficult for hackers to use leaked data to access your accounts.

How To Protect Yourself

You should also always be careful to avoid falling for phishing schemes and other attempts to get your data. Be wary of any correspondence that asks you to disclose passwords or personal data. Taking precautions is the best way to prevent hacks like the mother of all breaches from affecting you.

A Rash Of Massive Hacks

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The end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024 have already seen historic data breaches. Along with the mother of all breaches kicking off in 2024, December saw hackers release a ton of data from major video game developer Insomniac Games. That leak saw footage from the upcoming Wolverine game, sensitive company documents, and the release schedule for the company all leaked online. 

The mother of all breaches is certainly significant, but it remains to be seen if it has any long-term impacts. In the meantime, there’s no need to panic, and make sure to take the necessary precautions to keep your data safe. There’s always going to be big data breaches at some point.

Source: CyberNews