See Miley Cyrus Embrace Her Power In A Celebratory Photo Shoot

Miley Cyrus embraces women's empowerment and celebrates with these tantalizing photos.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

Miley Cyrus might want to hold off on buying herself flowers just yet. British Vogue recently posted a series of black-and-white pictures to their Instagram featuring the pop star in a series of steamy poses. The pics are so hot they’re bound to make any floral arrangements Miley has lying around wilt.

Miley Cyrus shows off her good side in a side profile that features the star from the shoulder’s up. If that sounds somewhat less than sexy, that’s only because we have yet to mention the singer’s playfully messed-up hair and stuck-out tongue licking a strand of said hair. Long, dangly earrings and Miley’s thoughtful far-off gaze complete the seductive headshot.

The cover for the upcoming Miley-centric issue of British Vogue features the Hannah Montana star from head to toe wrapped in what looks like a trenchcoat made out of a fishing net. Underneath the weird mesh coverup—that fails to do just that—Miley Cyrus is wearing a tight black one-piece bathing suit. This time Cyrus is staring right at the camera showing off her gravity-defying hair, pouty lips, and smoky eyes that perfectly match her voice.

Picture number three is easily the most titillating as it gives fans a glimpse at just how serious Miley Cyrus is when it comes to personal grooming. Cyrus is wearing another one-piece, but unlike most provocative female outfits, this one features no cleavage whatsoever and is instead extremely revealing in the southern region.

Miley Cyrus is truly getting the best of both worlds as the focus of British Vogue’s June issue. On the cover, Miley gets to show off her incredible physique that’s guaranteed to get hearts and saliva glands pumping simultaneously across the globe. Meanwhile, inside, the star opens up about what it was like to grow up in front of the world and how harshly and unfairly she was judged for not maintaining her Disney image as she got older and outgrew the Hannah Montana persona.

As far as acting goes, Miley Cyrus seems to be taking it easy and letting her music take priority. A quick perusal of the LOL star’s IMDb shows only a smattering of roles after Hannah Montana, including one episode of the recently canceled Netflix animated Big Mouth spinoff Human Resources.

In the interview, Miley Cyrus is quick to point out that she doesn’t want to be pitied for how the entertainment industry has treated her. She stresses that she doesn’t want the Vogue interview to become a tirade of complaints about being a “woman in the industry” and waves away the notion of it becoming a story of women’s empowerment either. Cyrus stated that she wears her empowerment at all times and feels no need to call attention to that aspect of her personality.

Elsewhere in the interview, Miley discusses her new album Endless Summer Vacation, including the song “Flowers,” considered by many to be a dig at Cyrus’s ex Liam Hemsworth. Cyrus calls the song “fake it till you make it,” a mantra she admits to admiring quite a bit. All and all, Miley Cyrus has grown up and is blazing an exciting new trail forward that should keep fans happy for years to come.

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