See Megan Fox Make A Pantsuit Sexy By Not Wearing A Shirt

By James Brizuela | 3 months ago

megan fox

Megan Fox is not one to shy away from altering her outfits to show off her toned midriff. She does this by usually wearing certain outfits without a shirt, and using some sort of bra in place of a shirt that would cover up the midsection of her body. She has even stated that she prefers to wear a bra or some such thing over a traditional blouse, which certainly isn’t the worst idea. During the NBA All-Star game in Cleveland, Ohio, Fox was shown rocking a tiger stripe-looking orange pantsuit but opted to go without wearing a shirt. You can see the photo below:

According to Megan Fox, her look is a “casual Bratz doll,” which might have something to do with the orange bag she is holding. For anyone that remembers Polly Pocket, that is what that bag reminds me of. Why I even remember Polly Pocket is another issue altogether. Fox has an astounding 19 million followers on her Instagram and the above pic has already attracted over 1.3 million likes and well over 3,000 comments. The majority of the comments are in support of her outfit, with one person asking how many boys she had to eat to get that glow. That’s a good question.

Megan Fox and fiance Machine Gun Kelly are no strangers to the public eye, as they are constantly making headlines due to their somewhat bizarre relationship, which includes drinking one another’s blood. Right after MGK proposed, they apparently entered into a blood pact with each other. That’s certainly one way to ask someone to marry you. Although her fiance has been deeply embedded in music, Fox has been a mainstay in Hollywood for well over 20 years. She gained notoriety after appearing in the Transformers franchise, which led to more pop culture roles, as she portrayed April O’Neil in the rebooted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.

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Megan Fox has a new film coming out soon called Big Gold Brick. She stars alongside Andy Garcia and Oscar Isaac, which are two huge actors. Although there are tons of those who would discount Fox based on the odd nature in which she makes headlines at times, she is still an actress that gets plenty of big roles. Big Gold Brick recounts the story of fledgling writer Samuel Liston and his experiences with Floyd Deveraux, the enigmatic middle-aged father of two who enlists Samuel to write his biography. The fantasy comedy certainty looks to be quite interesting.

Megan Fox is quite simply one of the most attractive women on the planet, and she often shows herself in outfits that are a part of her design or alteration. The public opinion of her doesn’t matter much, as she continues to wear what she wants, and is clearly not affected by the headlines of which she and her fiance are often the subjects. Fox can clearly still garner big roles and remains one of the most talked-about celebrities in the world. Whether or not anyone rolls their eyes when her name comes up, she is certainly laughing all the way to the bank.