See Megan Fox Wearing A Corset And Cosplaying As Dracula’s Maid

Megan Fox will be the death of us all and we'll thank her for it.

By Douglas Helm | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Megan Fox may be a busy lady, but she always seems to find the time to put together a stunning Instagram photoshoot. The latest Instagram carousel she’s put together sees her in a black corset posing against a white background. In the second photo, you even see her on black and white patterned stairs. The coordination is definitely on point in this shoot. Check out the post for yourself below:

She captioned the post “It’s giving Dracula’s maid,” and we definitely don’t disagree with her here. If the famous vampire ever decided to hire someone to clean the castle, we imagine Megan Fox in this look would be the perfect fit. Of course, Fox also made sure to credit the team who helped her put the look together, tagging everyone involved in the picture.

Looking at her tags, you can see that she tagged Maeve Reilly, who is a wardrobe stylist who has collaborated with Megan Fox on Instagram shoots before. Her knack for picking out awesome looks for Fox continues here. She also tagged makeup artist Jenna Kristina, who was responsible for Fox’s subtle but effective makeup in the photo. The brand that created her eye-catching corset is Mugler. Finally, you can credit celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimmons for her beautifully wavy hair in the shoot.

It definitely goes to show how much work goes into capturing these Instagram moments for Megan Fox’s fans. And it’s not like she doesn’t have enough going on in the rest of her life. She was recently engaged to rapper Machine Gun Kelly, note her unique ring featured in the Instagram post, so undoubtedly they have some planning to do if they’re planning on having a big wedding. Plus, Fox has been keeping herself plenty busy with acting gigs. Her upcoming film Big Gold Brick is releasing in just a couple of weeks, where she’ll prominently feature alongside co-stars Oscar Isaac, Andy Garcia, Lucy Hale, and more.

Megan Fox Machine Gun Kelly Midnight in the Switchgrass
Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox in Midnight in the Switchgrass (2021)

She even has an upcoming collaboration with fiance Machine Gun Kelly on the docket, where she stars in the film he writes, directs, and also stars in called Good Mourning with U. It will be interesting to see how these two work together. We’ve already seen them on screen before in 2021’s Midnight in the Switchgrass but they’ll likely have even more screen time together in this project. You can actually see Machine Gun Kelly in theaters right now. He features in some pranks in Jackass Forever, so there’s not much acting required, but there definitely will be some laughs to be had.

While you wait for the next Megan Fox project to come out, it definitely seems like she’ll be keeping fans entertained through her Instagram in the meantime. She posts plenty of fashionable and unique looks, along with posts about her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly and updates about the projects she’s working on. If you’re looking to keep up with Megan Fox’s career and her latest styles, her Instagram is a good one to follow.