See Megan Fox Become A Vampire Victim In Latest Instagram Post

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

megan fox

Megan Fox had quite the summer and is gearing up for an even brighter future on the big screen. And in between working on a variety of different projects, she’s also made waves with now-boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly with the two showing up in all manner of events and social media posts. Fox has a penchant for making a splash with these, bucking some conventional norms in favor of eye-catching poses. Her latest Instagram post has these two things combining together for an odd, but effective look at the couple’s relationship. 

In her Instagram feed, Megan Fox posed as the victim of what appears to be a vampire attack, this time at the teeth of Machine Gun Kelly. Though she’ll be playing a vampire in an upcoming Netflix feature movie, Megan Fox took to the other side of things in this one, clearly taking it in the neck for the posed shot. Check out what she posted on Instagram. 

The Megan Fox quote in the post reads, “And you, their best beloved one, are now to me, flesh of my flesh; blood of my blood.” It is a line from Bram Stoker’s Dracula though it does appear her she is using it to describe her relationship with Mr. Machine Gun. Uniting oneself with someone else drinking your blood is one way to go about it I suppose. The post garnered significant attention, of course, currently sitting at more than three million likes on the platform. 

And there’s a possibility that Megan Fox took “inspiration” for this line of vampiric thinking because of a movie she’s set to premiere on Netflix next week. Night Teeth will hit the platform on October 20th and is a story about an unsuspecting chauffeur (Jorge Lendeborg) who unwittingly begins shuttling around a couple of vampires for a blood-sucking night on the town. Megan Fox has an undisclosed role, but from the trailers, it looks like she might be one of the vampire queens, in power and at the center of what becomes a struggle between a couple of undead factions. 

This isn’t the only movie Megan Fox has in the pipeline right now either. She’s also set to star in Big Gold Brick with Oscar Isaac and Andy Garcia about an author. Other bigger productions on the way for Megan Fox include a role in The Expendables 4 with Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and the rest of that mercenary crew. And she’s also slated to star in an updated version of the classic heist film in Johnny & Clyde, a reimagining of that famous bank-robbing couple. Apparently, Fox will be playing a casino owner in that one, possibly the main antagonist. And finally, as if to bring things full circle here, Fox will star in Good Mourning with a U which will mark the feature-length directorial debut for Colson Baker AKA Machine Gun Kelly. That is slated to start production next year. 

megan fox

So the future is bright for Megan Fox who is definitely in the middle of a career resurgence. And in this sense, it doesn’t necessarily hurt to post random vampiric pictures with her boyfriend. Hell, why not when everything else seems to be going swimmingly.