See Meg Donnelly On A Night Out In Knee-High Boots And A Short Skirt

Meg Donnelly enjoyed a night out in attention-grabbing, sexy thigh-high boots.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Meg Donnelly

By basically any standard, Meg Donnelly has had one hell of a career. It wasn’t that long ago that she was mostly known for things like the Disney Channel original movies Zombies and Zombies 2, but she was more recently cast as Mary Campbell, a leading role in the Supernatural spinoff The Winchesters. Recently, the sexy star was understandably feeling herself, so she posted these hot pics of her night out, including images of her in knee-high boots and a short skirt.

In the post, Meg Donnelly kept her caption both short and funny. In it, she tagged the brand Moose Knuckles, a Canadian company specializing in producing stylish fashions. In Donnelly’s post, she tagged the company because she is presumably rocking their designs, but she was quick to add that her whole ensemble was “styled by mói,” a message that she capped off with a cheeky “mwahahahaha.”

Looking at these mostly-blurry images, it’s clear that spending all of that time in front of cameras didn’t teach Meg Donnelly much about taking clear images. Still, the first image is even more breathtaking than it is blurry, showing the star in a tan jacket against which her shiny golden boots really stand out.

The second image doesn’t showcase Meg Donnelly but instead shows where she was partying. It looks like a DJ is spinning some tunes, and behind him, we can see a mesmerizing view of the city lit up at night. Honestly, the view alone makes us wish we could spend a night partying with the sexy star.

However, the video she posted is a powerful reminder of just how weird that night would likely be. We don’t see Meg Donnelly in the video, but it is presumably her who is singing over the brief footage, which goes from what looks like a cat trying to hide to her friend looking bemused. The whole thing is silly, but let’s be real: you’ve probably done much weirder things after drinking than serenading a stray animal.

the winchesters meg donnelly

And in case you needed a reminder of just what a zoomer Meg Donnelly is, the next-to-last image she shared shows off the food she and a friend were nomming right before their movie started. That image doesn’t show us much of the girls beyond a glimpse of bare legs, but the final image shows Donnelly and her friend beaming their biggest smiles for the camera. As for why this image is somehow even blurrier than the rest, we can only assume that, in her excitement about the upcoming The Flash movie, Donnelly has decided to tap into the Speed Force and is vibrating with excitement.

All jokes aside, Meg Donnelly has plenty of reasons to be so excited. Not only was The Winchesters CW’s most-viewed premiere last season, but the show has been a critical hit as well as a fan favorite. And while no second season has been officially confirmed, we think more of this hit show is just as inevitable as Donnelly posting more blurry pictures online.