Drunk Santas In A Tank Just Wreaked Havoc In A Small Town

A group of drunk men dressed as Santa drove a tank in a small town, blocking the roads.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

drunk santa tank

People often discuss “the war on Christmas,” but that phrase usually just means they are freaking out about Starbucks cups or that they heard a clerk say “happy holidays” one time. But in the Cornish village Angarrack, this war on Christmas became quite real when they were attacked by a drunk Santa army complete with their own tank (the makers of Bad Santa would be pleased) on the evening of December 22. It turns out the entire stunt was designed by military re-enactors dressed as Santa who ended up doing nothing more than damaging property and blocking the road.

Rather than dress in more traditional military clothing, these re-enactors all decided to dress as Santa Clause and spread the festive spirit in their own way by driving an antique armored personnel carrier into town. The carrier has tank tracks, so their appearance soon led to many people taking pictures and recording videos. After all, it’s not every day that you see a drunk Santa behind the wheel of a tank!

It’s not entirely clear what the plan was for this rowdy group (which made other stops earlier in the day). Each drunk Santa made an unfortunate discovery at the same time: their vintage vehicle was too wide for the roads, meaning they could go no further, especially after getting told off by the local traffic warden. At least one Santa tried to argue with the warden, but he appeared too visibly intoxicated to make a successful or even coherent argument.

drunk santa 2

Whatever this drunk Santa mob was planning, they ultimately became part of the evening festivities. Many from the village had come out to admire the Christmas lights that night. The tank-riding Santa Clauses became one more form of entertainment for the gathered crowd after blocking the road, but they produced a very mixed response from their neighbors.

For example, some tried to appreciate the sheer absurdity of the situation and took to social media to laugh about what happened. And we have to admit that we’d probably share pictures and videos of a drunk Santa to our own social media accounts even if he didn’t have a tank. However, other villagers were annoyed that these Santas managed to shut down the roads due to a combination of inebriation and poor planning.

But to their credit, these Santas decided to make the best of a bad situation. After shutting down the roads, they took the time to pose for photos with people and even let kids see the inside of the tank they brought to town. However, the drunk Santa brigade was responsible for damaging at least one car with their antics, so some villagers are still annoyed at the public danger caused by these colorful drunks.

Ultimately, local police were very understanding and generous regarding the drunk Santa incident. After the fact, a spokesman for the Devon and Cornwall Police clarified that the Santas had damaged one car and that officers arrived to help with the situation. The drivers exchanged info and nobody was arrested, though we are curious if things will go differently should this crew repeat this stunt next year.