Matthew McConaughey Just Spoke At The White House Press Briefing, See Him In Action

Matthew McConaughey adressed The White House today in an attempt to implement some sort of gun control change in the wake of recent massive shootings.

By Douglas Helm | Published

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Actor Matthew McConaughey visited the White House today and joined White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to talk about the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde Texas. As a native of Uvalde and a Texas citizen, Matthew McConaughey visited the families of many of the victims and arrived at the press conference to recount his experiences and argue in favor of gun reform. You can watch his speech below:

The whole speech is well worth the watch, as Matthew McConaughey’s words are very powerful and moving. The main themes of his speech are “how can the loss of these lives matter,” in other words, making sure that policy change is enacted to prevent yet another tragic mass shooting. He argues to make sensible revisions to the second amendment, namely gun restrictions, and laws that would encourage sensible gun ownership. To drive this point home, Matthew McConaughey recounted some of the heartbreaking interactions he had with the families of the victims.

First, Matthew McConaughey spoke to The White House about Alithia Haven Ramirez, who was ten years old when she was gunned down. He talked about how her dream was to go to art school in Paris and share her art with the world, and how now, her dream won’t come true. He shared a picture that Altihia drew of a friend of hers in heaven, drawing the same picture as she is. He talked about how her father had been promising to take her to Seaworld since he got his new job, but he’ll never be able to take her.

Next, Matthew McConaughey also spoke to The White House and talked about Maite Yuleana Rodriguez, who was also ten years old when she was gunned down. Maite Yuleana Rodriguez had dreams of becoming a marine biologist in Corpus Christi. Maite also wore green Converse every day, with a heart drawn on the toe to signify her love of nature. These Converse were also the only way that her body was able to be identified due to the wounds she sustained from the assault rifle.

Matthew McConaughey addressed The White House about Ellie Garcia, who was just about to turn ten years old before she was gunned down. Ellie was known as the “Great Regifter” around her house because she was always giving up her time, and even her food, to others. She also loved to hug and attend church with her uncle. She had been practicing reading a verse for the next church service she was supposed to attend.

Finally, Matthew McConaughey spoke to The White House and talked about Irma Garcia, one of the teachers who was gunned down. Irma loved to teach and was planning on retiring one day and opening a food truck with her husband. Her husband of 24 years, Joe Garcia, died of a heart attack two days after the shooting. It’s a true tragedy that McConaughey must tell these stories today, but hopefully, his words will carry some weight. 19 children and two adults were shot and killed in Uvalde. You can remember all of the victims of the shooting here.