Marilyn Manson Has Surrendered To The Police For Shocking Charges

Marilyn Manson has surrendered to the authorities to face charges from 2019.

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Marilyn Manson is out on bail after turning himself in to police over an alleged assault incident that took place in New Hampshire in 2019. The former star has been in a bevy of legal trouble lately, with the latest forcing him to turn himself over to the police in Los Angeles in order to address an arrest warrant that was put out for the controversial rocker’s arrest across the country. 

According to Deadline, Marilyn Manson was processed in Los Angeles and released on his own recognizance as part of an arrest warrant that was put on him after he allegedly spit and blew snot at a videographer that was covering his 2019 concert at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford, New Hampshire. The rocker, whose real name is Bryan Hugh Warner, is facing two counts of Class A misdemeanor simple assault. The 52-year-old’s lawyer has vigorously denied to the outlet that his client committed any abuse and seemingly intends to fight the charges in court.

As part of the deal that allowed him to walk, Marilyn Manson cannot have any contact with the alleged victim and cannot commit any federal or state crimes between now and his yet-to-be-determined court date. Although that last part is pretty much always true for everyone, always. 

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The alleged assault case is just the tip of the iceberg for Marilyn Manson, who is facing more serious allegations of rape and sexual abuse from women he’s previously been associated with — some of which will be hashed out in a court of law thanks to newly filed lawsuits from the alleged victims. 

People reported in May that an anonymous woman came forward with a lawsuit alleging that Marilyn Manson raped and sexually abused her when they dated more than 10 years ago. She alleges that he raped her during their relationship as well as after when she tried to return a key to him. She also claims he threatened her with murder and boasted that he would be able to get away with it if he did. Again, Marilyn Manson continues to deny all allegations of misconduct. 

However, the anonymous woman is just one of the multiple women who have come forward in recent months to accuse Marilyn Manson of being sexually abused as a partner. People previously reported that his ex, Ashley Morgan claims he bit her, whipped her, cut her with a swastika-emblazoned knife and shoved his fist in her mouth during sex. She also alleges that he would lock her in a room if she upset him.

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She joins Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood, who released a brief statement on Instagram in February accusing her ex, Marilyn Manson, of grooming her when she was a teenager and subjecting her to “manipulation,” “submission” and other abuse, for which she says she lived in fear of retaliation if she ever came forward — a fear she no longer has. 

Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco also previously filed a lawsuit against Marilyn Manson alleging similar claims of sexual abuse, battery, and human trafficking. Marilyn Manson denied all the allegations against him in an Instagram post shared in February in which he claimed that all intimate relationships he’s had were consensual with like-minded partners. He described the “distortions” that these women were presenting as “horrible” and questioned the reason they would come forward to the press rather than the police. 

Later that month, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department opened an investigation into Marilyn Manson for alleged domestic abuse. In total roughly 15 women have accused the musician of misconduct. The allegations have led to Manson being dropped by several business partners.