Marilyn Manson Sued For Rape And Assault By Game Of Thrones Actress

Actress Esmé Bianco is suing Marilyn Manson for allegations of over three years of sexual assault and battery.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Actress and activist Esmé Bianco wants to see her abuser held accountable for his actions. Three months ago, she came forward publicly with allegations of abuse against Marilyn Manson. Several others also came forward, including prominent actress Evan Rachel Wood. Now, Bianco has decided to sue Manson for sexual assault and sexual battery. The detailed complaint against Manson includes multiple occasions outlining accusations of rape, human trafficking, and terrible abuse.

After news of her lawsuit against Marilyn Manson went public, Esmé Bianco posted the following to Twitter.

In her post, she mentions the Phoenix Act. This is a new law in California that Bianco wrote with Evan Rachel Wood. The Phoenix Act extended the statute of limitations on domestic violence by five years. Many domestic violence survivors need time to process and heal from what’s happened to them. The law aims to give survivors more time to do that. Once the statute of limitations goes by, a victim can sue their accused-abuser, but they can’t see their abuser go to prison for their domestic violence crimes.

The Twitter post from Esmé Bianco announcing that she is suing Marilyn Manson falls in line with what has happened so far as accusations against Manson continue to roll out. For years, Evan Rachel Wood has publicly spoken about abuse she endured from an unnamed person. Several months ago, she announced his name via a post on her Instagram. Brian Warner is Marilyn Manson’s legal name.

Around the same time, musician Chløë Black posted to her Instagram and Love Bailey did the same. So far, posting online, changing laws, and lawsuits, all seem to fall in line with the approach these survivors have decided to be heard and plan to use available methods to make that happen. Marilyn Manson has only responded to say that these are “distortions of reality“.

The industry has responded by distancing itself from Marilyn Manson. The entertainer was mostly known as a controversial rock musician in the 1990s. This past year, they were set to appear in a few Hollywood productions, including a role for season three of American Gods. Manson was immediately dropped from the project.

While Marilyn Manson has claimed that reality was different than his accusers are saying, their stories are similarly terrible and full of horrific violence. They include many threats, starving his victims and refusing to let them sleep so they would be easier to manipulate, drugging them, and rape.


Bianco’s complaint also named Tony Ciulla, Marilyn Manson’s ex-manager. Ciulla and Manson are being accused of violating human trafficking laws. In 2007 and 2011, they flew Bianco from the United Kingdom to Los Angeles, promising her work on a music video and film that were both never released. During those trips, she says she was forced to perform unpaid labor that included serving food, cleaning Manson’s apartment, consulting on Marilyn Manson’s album, and even singing backup on the album Born Villain. She added that Manson offered Bianco up to his guests and band mates for spanking.

Marilyn Manson is currently under investigation by the LA Sheriff’s department for domestic violence accusations from more than five women. .