Evan Rachel Wood Makes Horrific Accusations Against Marilyn Manson

In an Instagram post, Evan Rachel Wood has accused Marilyn Manson of horrific abuse, which has been corroborated by four other women.

By Ross Bonaime | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Evan Rachel Wood Westworld

Evan Rachel Wood has spoken in the past about her experiences with sexual assault, domestic violence, and abusive relationships, but has remained silent about who her abuser was. In an Instagram photo posted today, Wood revealed that her abuser was Brian Warner, also known as Marilyn Manson, stating that Warner groomed her when she was a teenager and that she was horrifically abused for years.

After Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood revealed that her abuser was Marilyn Manson, four other women have also come out to detail their own abusive experiences with the musician. Back in 2018, Wood testified in front of the House Judiciary Subcommittee in order to help pass the Sexual Assault Suvivors’ Bill of Rights throughout the country. In that statement, Wood said that she suffered through “threats against my life, severe gaslighting, and brainwashing.” Wood also stated that she woke up to find the man “raping what he believed to be my unconscious body.” Wood also detailed rituals of being tied up by her hands and feet and being mentally and physically tortured.

In an interview with Spin in 2009, Marilyn Manson discussed his relationship with Evan Rachel Wood, where he said “I have fantasies every day about smashing her skull in with a sledgehammer.” Manson also detailed where he called Wood 158 times in a single day, then cut himself on the face or hands with a razor blade every time he tried calling her. Manson said this action was for her to “physically see what you’ve done.”

Evan Rachel Wood Westworld

Marilyn Manson also had a police report filed against him in 2018 for sex crimes that dated back to 2011. While it’s unclear who was involved with these crimes, the district attorney threw out the case, saying the statute of limitations had expired. Previously, Manson’s attorney Howard E. King has denied these claims and other past claims as “either completely delusional or part of a calculated attempt to generate publicity.” Manson and his people have yet to respond to the allegations made by Evan Rachel Wood and the four other women.

Beyond Evan Rachel Wood’s harrowing accounts of her time with Brian Warner, the other women who have come forward have also detailed their experiences with Marilyn Manson. Sarah McNeilly explained that Warner would stage problems to justify violent outbursts, and she states, “I believe he gets off on ruining people’s lives.” These women came forward so that Brian Warner can be held accountable for his actions and can be put to a stop.

Evan Rachel Wood has said in an interview with Rolling Stone that she met Marilyn Manson at the Chateau Marmont when she was 18 and he was 36 and married to Dita Von Teese. Manson and Wood started dating and Wood appeared in Manson’s graphic video for “Heart-Shaped Glasses.” Wood said “I met somebody that promised freedom and expression and no judgments,” continuing that she was “craving danger and excitement.” Manson and Wood were engaged in January 2010, but their engagement was called off seven months later.

Evan Rachel Wood Westworld

Yet with years of sexual assault allegations and truly horrific accusations from multiple women, hopefully, something will be done about Marilyn Manson’s supposed history of behavior. With accusations of violence, abuse, and rape, it takes a lot of courage for Evan Rachel Wood and these other accusers to come out and admit the truly terrifying things that have happened to them.