Watch Kate Beckinsale Dance In A Black Swimsuit And Polka Dot Nylons 

Watch Kate Beckinsale test out the elasticity of her new nylons with a sexy dance.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

kate beckinsale

Sometimes, it feels like Hollywood careers come full circle. For example, most people first became aware of Kate Beckinsale due to her starring role in Underworld, a movie series that often placed the sexy star in provocative black clothing. And now, fans of this veteran Hollywood star can hop over to Instagram and see her dance in a very different kind of exotic black clothing: a dark swimsuit, complete with polka dot nylons.

As far as captions go, Kate Beckinsale kept hers very short and to the point. According to the post, she and her friend decided to test ladder proof tights. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, this refers to a special kind of stretch-resistant tights designed to prevent annoying “ladders” from running down the legs and ruining the sexy look.

Judging from both the image and video Kate Beckinsale posted, the tights were a smashing success, and she noted so in her caption. Of course, it would be fair to say that the desire to find the perfect tights to prevent those annoying ladders is mostly fueled by Beckinsale’s own high standards. Even if she was rocking tights that had more ladders than a platforming video game, we don’t think it would do anything to ruin the sexy look she was going for.

Speaking of sexy looks, the real standout element from this Instagram post is the brief video that Kate Beckinsale posted. It would only be possible to know how well these ladder proof tights would work by moving around in them and giving the tights a real test. Towards that end, Beckinsale and her friend appeared in a video where they walked back and forth in the new tights before ending the video with a brief few seconds of Beckinsale twerking (eat your heart out, She-Hulk).

One reason that Kate Beckinsale has time to post these smoking pictures and videos to Instagram is because, professionally speaking, her schedule is relatively clear. She has two upcoming movies, El Tonto (which is already completed but not yet released) and Canary Black (a film that’s still in production). And with Paramount+ not renewing her Guilty Party show, Beckinsale has had plenty of time to stunt and flex on everybody with these sexy online pictures.

Kate Beckinsale

Regardless of how hot she looks and how hot her career is going, what really makes Kate Beckinsale’s Instagram posts pure fire is the sheer amount of confidence that she brings to the table. Let’s be real for a minute here: she’s dressed like a character from one of those animes where you had to turn the TV off before your mom walked into your room. Instead of feeling self-conscious about the goofy outfit, though, Beckinsale turns every step into a kind of strutting confidence only she can pull off.

And it’s honestly pretty cool of Kate Beckinsale to invite us on this journey of applying the scientific method to figure out whether ladder-proof tights are worth her time or not. It’s easy to forget that Beckinsale’s famous Underworld character Selene was loosely inspired by a character of the same name. And now Beckinsale is showing what traits she shares in common with another Marvel character, the Green Goblin, by showing us that she’s something of a scientist herself.