Kate Beckinsale Flaunts A Skimpy Bikini At The Beach, See The Photos

Kate Beckinsale took to Instagram to show off a new beach look, which includes a skimpy bikini.

By James Brizuela | Updated

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is enjoying herself some time on the beach by posting some new images on her Instagram page, despite most of the world being in the cold winter months. The actress took to Instagram to show off her beach look, which includes a skimpy bikini. The photos, which you can see below, feature Beckinsale and a friend in the sand while the blackened sky could mean they got rained on.

While Kate Beckinsale seems to be enjoying herself in this skimpy bikini, her friend is buried in the sand, with what appears to be his butt showing. For those who are feeling cheeky, you can take a look at the images above, and possibly get a look at more than you bargained for. Beckinsale often takes some of the silliest images on her Instagram page, and these ones are certainly along those same lines.

Kate Beckinsale

When Kate Beckinsale is not busy taking silly pictures with her friends, she is gearing up for many upcoming projects. The actress is set to star in the directorial debut of Charlie Day, in a movie called El Tonto. The movie follows a man who becomes an accidental celebrity and stars Beckinsale, Travis Fimmel, Adrien Brody, Jason Bateman, Glenn Howerton, Ray Liotta, Katherine McNamara, and many more.

From there, Kate Beckinsale is set to return to her butt-kicking ways, as she will star in Canary Black. Beckinsale will take on the role of operative Avery Graves, who is blackmailed by her own country, and she must clear her name while saving her husband who has been kidnapped. The movie stars Beckinsale, along with Saffron Burrows, Rupert Friend, Ben Miles, Ana Cilas, and many more.

El Tonto is completed, though we are not sure when this comedy is going to be released, as we have yet to see the trailer for the movie. We would imagine that it could be quite soon, and we certainly want to see how Kate Beckinsale and the rest of the cast fit into the feature. Canary Black is currently in production, meaning we might not see this movie until early 2024.

Kate Beckinsale has a stacked schedule ahead of her, and she could see about wanting to reboot the Underworld franchise. However, she wants to reboot it by bringing in her internet-famous cat, Clive. Going back to her silly images, Beckinsale shared a poster that someone made of Clive being inserted into the iconic poster for Underworld, though he was transformed into one of the bats.

Kate Beckinsale clearly knows how to have some fun, as she continually showcases her personality in the posts she makes on Instagram. It is quite great to see the actress let loose and not let the public eye determine how she acts. We certainly commend her, and even more for wanting to take pictures on the beach in a skimpy bikini, while the weather conditions look as though they are not beach friendly.