See Kate Beckinsale Show Off Her Legs In A Sexy Blue Suit

Kate Beckinsale, and her frequent collaborator Nina Kate, look amazing in designer outfits.

By Mark McKee | Published

kate beckinsale

It isn’t often that Kate Beckinsale posts something on Instagram where it doesn’t command attention; that may be what she is best at this point in her career. The 49-year-old actress took to the social media platform to drop an image of her and a friend (and, of course, the cat couldn’t be left out) posing in a turquoise suit and black leggings. Milla Jovovich commented by asking how gorgeous they could be with fire and raised hands emojis, and we couldn’t agree more. 

The post is a carousel of photos that begin with her and her friend and frequent collaborator, Nina Kate, posing in front of the camera. While Nina Kate is wearing a long black robe with a light floral pattern, Kate Beckinsale went all out with a long sleeve romper, turquoise in color with sequence. She finished the look with black leggings and a clutch bag from Tiziano Colasante. 

The carousel continues with three more photos of the two in various poses, from imitation magazine covers to fun and playful candids. The final post is a video of Nina Kate holding a small puppy in a chair, a little behind-the-scenes fun for the couple as they show off their fun ensembles. 

The photos were also shared on the Instagram of the company that provided the turquoise romper to Kate Beckinsale, Zhivago, who called it the Varenna Playsuit in Marine. The $700 ensemble is featured on their website with pants instead of shorts but comes with adjustable arms, shoulder accents, and a zip front. The colors available are black, marine, and chartreuse, but when seeing the Underworld actor rocking the marine, it is hard to imagine it in any other way. 

underworld kate beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale in The Underworld franchise

Another frequent collaborator for Kate Beckinsale is Jose Corella, who was on hand to do her make-up as usual, where he is featured in many of her posts and promotional appearances. Her hair was done by celebrity stylist Scott King, who has worked with Jenny McCarthy, Lucy Hale, and Sabrina Carpenter. He also features tutorials on his Instagram on how you can get the celebrity looks you see in movies like M3GAN or in series like Wednesday

Kate Beckinsale’s nails were done by Miwa Kobayashi, who worked on Michelle Williams on The Fablemans, Miranda Kerr for Marie Claire, and of course, Kate is all over her Instagram. The whole look was put together by Gorge Villalpando for Valentino and Flaunt Magazine. The entire production, with the cat, of course, is the perfect example of the usual Beckinsale post. 

While she isn’t the movie star she was when she brought us Pearl Harbor and Underworld, she still makes the occasional splash on Amazon with The Widow and Jolt. The British actress continues to break the internet with her unbreakable streak of dynamic Instagram posts that show her fashionable and playful side. And for us, that side of Kate Beckinsale is much more fun than her brooding blood-sucking Seline from her Underworld film franchise, anyway.