Jim Caviezel Trends Because He Thinks Rich People Are Harvesting Adrenaline From Kids

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

Jim Caviezel

If Jim Caviezel was worried or concerned at all with continuing to find work in Hollywood he might not have helped his chances much in the last couple of days. While the actor hasn’t had quite the career he might have expected after finding early success in a few big roles, this latest news isn’t likely to have studios knocking his door down with movie offers. That’s because, over the weekend, Caviezel took part in a conference that pushed forward a number of different conspiracy theories. One of those is that rich liberals, including some Hollywood elite, are harvesting adrenaline from dead children. Think his agent is happy about this one?

Jim Caviezel appeared at a gathering called the Freedom Conference in Oklahoma on Friday night that included a lineup of folks who have been known to espouse a variety of Qanon-related conspiracy theories. The *goal* of the conference, according to organizers, was to fight back against rules and regulations around the Covid-19 pandemic. A number of different folks appeared, one of whom was the actor who spoke about the adrenaline harvesting theory. Check out the clip below with some of what he said:

You can see Jim Caviezel is on camera here and in the interview, he’s referring to Tim Ballard who runs a group called the Nazarene Fund. That group, in their own words, was formed to “liberate the captive, to free the enslaved, and to rescue, rebuild and restore the lives of Christians and other persecuted religious and ethnic minorities wherever and whenever they are in need.” Caviezel says that Ballard isn’t with him in the moment because he’s “saving kids”. 

In the video, Jim Caviezel describes a process that’s been thrown out there by far-right wing nuts about how children are being harvested for their adrenaline or adrenochrome. The process here that Caviezel describes is almost too crazy to type, but here we go. He doesn’t even insinuate, but rather says that people are using the adrenaline secretion of children before they die as something like a designer drug. This conspiracy theory has been around a long time but started gaining a bit more traction during the pandemic with Qanon messaging ramping up in popularity. 

Jim Caviezel also references a movie at the beginning of the interview. This is, presumably, the upcoming Sound of Freedom which he’ll star in. It details the life of the aforementioned Tim Ballard and how he left the Department of Homeland Security to rescue children from cartels and human trafficking rings in Latin America. There’s no timetable for release on the film, but apparently, it’s already been shot. 

jim caviezel passion of the christ 2 feature

Before he was working to advance conspiracy theories, Jim Caviezel was best known for his role in The Passion of the Christ which came out back in 2004. Directed and written by Mel Gibson, the film depicted the final 12 hours of Jesus’s life. It was a somewhat controversial film, but also a massive success at the time, earning more than $600 million at the box office. It’s tough to imagine he’s ever able to recreate this type of success if he’s pushing forward conspiracy theories as part of his platform.