Jim Caviezel Says Passion Of The Christ 2 Is Happening, Has The Script

By Drew Dietsch | 9 months ago

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Jim Caviezel has given a new update on the status of The Passion of the Christ sequel. Caviezel said that he has received the third draft of the new film, titled The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection, from writer/director Mel Gibson.

The sequel, according to Jim Caviezel, will focus on the resurrection of Jesus after his crucifixion. What particular stories from the Bible that focus on the resurrection of Jesus will be used? That is not clear but Caviezel is convinced that the sequel will be “the biggest film in world history.”

The Passion of the Christ, starring Jim Caviezel as the titular character, released back in 2004 and was an immense hit with audiences, but suffered a mixed critical reaction. The box office take was enormous. The domestic haul ended up at $370 million and the international haul was just over $240 million. This gives Mel Gibson’s religious drama a total worldwide take of over $610 million. The fact that it has taken this long to get a sequel made is kind of surprising.

However, it might not be all that surprising. If Jim Caviezel is to be believed, he suffered a lot of professional prejudice after he portrayed Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. It became hard for him to get cast in other roles, and Caviezel claims that his faith was a big obstacle for a lot of casting directors.

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Jim Caviezel is not the only one to suffer some serious fallout after the release of The Passion of the Christ. Writer/director Mel Gibson was met with many controversies and has become a pretty disliked figure in the Hollywood system. While he has continued to find work, he has definitely lost a lot of his luster. That could definitely be a big reason why The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection has taken so long to get to the big screen.

Still, Jim Caviezel seems committed to the project and it will likely just be a matter of getting the production rolling once the COVID-19 pandemic allows for more film productions to resume. Since the original film cost $30 million, it is safe to assume that the sequel will be an equally mid-budget affair.

Or will it? Jim Caviezel talks about Jesus as a superhero figure and The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection could possibly require some more elaborate sequences and effects. Will Jesus be seen using his superpowers after he has been resurrected? And what texts will Gibson be using to inspire his take on the resurrection of Christ?

While faith-based movies have proven they can maintain a steady audience at the box office, Jim Caviezel thinks the industry is under fire and needs support now more than ever. If The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection does finally make its way to the big screen, can it match or even top the success of the original film? We will have to wait and see, but it sounds like Caviezel is ready to get resurrected once the movie can get underway.