Jeffrey Dahmer Costumes Are Being Banned From Online Retailers

Jeffery Dahmer Halloween costumes are now being banned on eBay.

By James Brizuela | Updated

Jeffrey Dahmer has exploded in popularity once again, as the Netflix series that covers the serial killer’s life has exploded into one of the most watched programs the streaming app has ever seen. This popularity has sparked plenty of outrage, as the man is being glorified in a way that violent murderers shouldn’t be, and that same popularity has now spawned Halloween costumes. While it could be plenty easy to make a Jeffrey Dahmer Halloween costume, many retailers are now banning third-party sellers from attempting to make money off the tragedy of Dahmer’s victims.

One of the biggest companies that are stopping the selling of Jeffrey Dahmer Halloween costumes is eBay, which is pulling any attempts to sell items that could be construed as looking like the famed serial killer. The company has also stated that it will not allow the selling of Dahmer-related items as it violates its policy on violence and violent criminals. A spokesperson for eBay has stated that the listings attempting to sell Dahmer-related costume items are being taken down, though some have certainly slipped through the cracks, and are currently up.

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Jeffrey Dahmer Halloween costume items that are beginning to pop up on eBay are orange jumpsuits, the aviator glasses that he wears, and masks that portray Evan Peters from the Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Netflix series. We would imagine that many retailers do not want to see the backlash from the victim’s families if more of these items continue to sell. Amazon is also said to be selling Dahmer glasses as well, and shirts that show the killer, and state, “If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Eat’ Em.”

Amazon has not responded yet about the controversy behind their own Jeffrey Dahmer Halloween items, though we would imagine they could be following suit with eBay and prohibiting these items from being sold. There are likely to be many third-party sellers that can’t all be caught in time, but it sounds like eBay is doing what it can to get rid of these listings as fast as possible.

One of the victim’s families from the Jeffrey Dahmer murders responded when the series had been released on Netflix stating, “It’s sad they are just making money off this tragedy.” Dahmer had only been arrested back in the early 1990s, so many of the families who had to endure this tragedy are still very much alive and are understandably upset about the rampant popularity of the man who ruined most of their lives.

Unfortunately, the Evan Peters-led Jeffrey Dahmer series has exploded on Netflix, skyrocketing into the #2 most-watched English language series of all time on the platform. This popularity was clearly going to cause something like Jeffrey Dahmer Halloween costumes to appear, as the younger generation is also plenty obsessed with the serial killer on social media apps. The way the internet can be obsessed with horrific things was ultimately going to lead to the glorification of such a horrible person.

While eBay is attempting to rectify these third-party listings from showing up again on its platform, we would imagine more retailers might carry Jeffrey Dahmer Halloween items as well, though cleverly labeled, “Killer” or some such nonsense. Hopefully, the fame goes away soon, so that victims’ families don’t endure having to see Dahmer costumes everywhere they go.