How Old Is Pete Davidson?

Pete Davidson is 28 years old and is now off of Saturday Night Live after leaving the cast.

By David Harrison | Updated

Pete Davidson has had one of the most interesting careers on the big and small screen that you are ever likely to see. He’s worked his way from Staten Island over to New York for a stint on one of the most iconic shows in the history of television with Saturday Night Live, formed a breakout standup career, and dated seemingly every available woman in the entertainment industry.

It’s been quite the run for Pete Davidson, starting at a young age where celebrity is concerned. How old is Pete Davidson has been a question ever since he hit the scene, mostly because he was so young when it actually happened. Let’s take a look at how Pete Davidson’s career has aged over the years, where he got his start, who he’s dated, and what he’s up to next.

Pete Davidson’s Father Died On 9/11

It’s been well-documented at this point, with even a semi-autobiographical movie about it as well, that Pete Davidson had a very traumatic experience when he was a young boy. Living in Staten Island, Pete Davidson’s father was a New York City fireman who responded to the calls after the attacks on the Twin Towers on 9/11.

It was there that his father lost his life while entering one of the buildings to rescue those trapped inside. Davidson has said in numerous interviews that this, obviously, was as devastating a thing that can happen to a young boy (or really anyone) and that his life was severely upended because of it.

While Pete Davidson doesn’t recount this from a young age, some of this story came out in the movie The King of Staten Island, a movie he wrote with Judd Apatow (who also directed). In the movie, Pete Davidson essentially plays a version of himself who really never made it off the island, struggling with dreams of being a tattoo artist (likely a creative stand-in for standup comedy) and hanging with his friends smoking weed.

But at the crux of the story is his relationship with his mother (Marissa Tomei) who has started dating another fireman (Bill Burr) and Davidson’s struggle with this relationship and the ghosts of his father. For insight into Pete Davidson’s struggles at this age, the movie is definitely worth seeing.

His First Standup Work Came At Age 16

At the age of 16, Pete Davidson first started performing standup comedy in Staten Island and eventually made his way over to the Big Apple to hone the craft. Through the early aughts, Pete Davidson began to make a name for himself on the comedy scene and was eventually noticed by a couple of folks who would end up changing the path of his career.

He Joined Saturday Night Live At Age 20

Pete Davidson, at the age of 20, became the fourth-youngest cast member for Saturday Night Live. Only Robert Downey Jr., Eddie Murphy, and Anthony Michael Hall were younger, in terms of years when they first hit the stage. It was a combination of standup chops and improv skills that helped Pete Davidson land a regular slot on the show, one that he maintained for about eight years. 

During that time he was a part of countless hilarious sketches, but one of his lasting pieces will be the creation of the character Chad. This dude seems to perfectly embody the overall gestalt of Pete Davidson in that he’s a dude who is so wildly out of it that even the most insane premises and circumstances can’t shake him. The character says so little, often agreeing to whatever is placed in front of him (serial killers, missions to Mars) and the hilarity comes from the stoned nonchalance oozing out of Pete Davidson.

Pete Davidson Dated Kate Beckinsale And Kim Kardashian

One thing that’s become almost as big a part of Pete Davidson’s career on the comedy stage and screen is who he’s dated along the way. The guy has seemed to be part of high-profile relationships over the years, with each one eclipsing the one before. Pete Davidson, even at a young age, began dating a veritable who’s who of the entertainment industry. While there would appear to be too many to name, he’s had a few notables over the years.

When Pete Davidson was 22 he began dating Cazzie David. Keeping it comedically in-house, this was notable because Cazzie David is the daughter of Larry David, a legend in the industry which is a complete understatement. And then, at the age of 25, he began dating Ariana Grande, a relationship that received considerable media hype for a number of different reasons. The two did become engaged (briefly) and there were a number of social media incidents during that time including a social media post in which Davidson expressed thoughts about suicide.

After that when Pete Davidson was 26 years old he began dating Kate Beckinsale who just happened to be 20 years older than him. But that lasted only a few months in the early part of 2019, though they made more than a few paparazzi rounds during that time.

Most recently, and most famously, Pete Davidson has dated Kim Kardashian. The two were rumored to be together before she was officially divorced from Kanye West, something the music icon seemed to not take lightly. There were veiled threats from West towards Pete Davidson, something the latter used as standup material in his latest comedy special.

As of this writing, Davidson and Kim Kardashian had broken up. She was 13 years his senior. While not a theme for the comedian’s relationships, it definitely has been at least a minor trend. But again, Pete Davidson has often seemed older than his years, amazingly so considering his general effect. But in terms of his career, the guy has made the most of it since an early age.

Pete Davidson Leave Saturday Night Live

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Now that he has left Saturday Night Live at the age of 28, what’s next for the actor? He has a few movies in post-production now that could do pretty well. The first is Meet Cute with Kaley Cuoco. That’s going to be something of a rom-com that has Cuoco’s character traveling to the past to “fix” different versions of her current boyfriend throughout his life.

And then there is The Home which will put Pete Davidson as a worker in a retirement home that may have some not-so-awesome secrets hiding in the elderly walls. And finally, there’s Wizards! With Naomi Scott which is currently in pre-production. So the future is bright for Pete Davidson at a young age, with even more career out in front of him. 

Pete Davidson Is 29 Years Old

how old is pete davidson

The comedian and actor has had quite the career and it’s unlikely to stop or slow down anytime soon. That’s because Pete Davidson is still quite young. Born in 1993, Pete Davidson is currently 29 years old. Having not even topped 30 years of age yet, the dude has done more than most ever will on screen.

A long stint on Saturday Night Live, a budding movie career, and a successful standup comedy draw, the dude has accomplished about as much as anyone in the industry in a seemingly very short amount of time.