Gina Carano Under Fire Again, This Time For Talking About Australia

Gina Carano is making noise on Twitter again and this time her sights are aimed at Australia!

By Michileen Martin | Published

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There’s controversy on Twitter and former The Mandalorian star Gina Carano is involved. We can’t really give you hard numbers on this, but we’re pretty sure very few people are surprised.

On Monday, Gina Carano got a lot of attention on Twitter after re-tweeting a video showing about a half dozen Australian police officers arresting a man. According to the post from conservative Australian columnist Rita Panahi, the man is being arrested for not wearing a mask and for not having a “valid reason” to be where he was. Among other things, Carano called this the implementation of “tyrannical rule” and marked the post with “#FreeAustralia“. You can see the post below.

Gina Carano’s post attracted a lot of staunch supporters of the actress, but a lot of critics as well. Many have pointed out that the video begins in the middle of the arrest, allowing no context for what happened. And the criticisms don’t just come from those who have applauded Carano’s “canceling” in the past, but from her current fans.

Nor is Gina Carano the only one being criticized for reposting the video as is. Some of the top responses to the original post from Rita Panahi are from those pointing out that the video’s editing doesn’t allow for viewers to see the whole story.

At least one twitter user pointed out what they saw as a glaring hypocrisy: that Gina Carano seemingly feels very passionate about what she sees as police implementing “tyrannical rule,” while at the same time being completely silent regarding other, homegrown issues regarding police.

While it’s almost certain Twitter and the rest of social media will largely continue to react negatively to Gina Carano, at this point it’s difficult to see how much more “cancelled” she can be. For the time being she has the safe haven of conservative pundit Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire. After being fired from Disney, Carano landed the lead role for the revenge thriller White Knuckle from Shapiro’s company, based on a 2015 novel of the same name by Eric Red. Carano’s character hunts down the serial killer who traumatized her.

Gina Carano joined the growing list of celebrities who pay for their social media presence dearly, starting last Novemeber with a pair of controversial tweets she posted within a couple of weeks of each other. First, she tweeted about voter fraud, implying she believed President Joe Biden had fraudulently won the election. A week later, she shared a meme mocking those who wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. According to The Hollywood Reporter, those tweets cost her a spin-off series Lucasfilm was planning for her The Mandalorian character. In a since deleted Instagram post (via AP News), Carano likened those who criticized her for her social and political views to Nazis, and that was the proverbial last straw. Lucasfilm gave her the boot.

There have since been rumors that Lucasfilm was getting ready to bring Gina Carano back to the fold. The actress has fed into these rumors herself, unintentionally or otherwise, by doing things like posting cryptic tweets hinting at her return to the Star Wars universe. So far, however, nothing has materialized.

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