Canceled Crime Series Creators Holding Out For Season 3

By Jason Collins | Updated

The HBO’s drama series Tokyo Vice has built a rather strong reputation for itself ever since it was first released in 2022, with the second season being even better than the first one. Sadly, and perhaps even strangely, the crime thriller series was canceled following the conclusion of its second season, which means that the fans might not get Tokyo Vice Season 3. We say “might” because those behind the series have not given up on its continuation.

Tokyo Vice Was Heading Towards Season 3 when It Suddenly Ended

This is rather weird because streamers and TV networks don’t usually bite the hand that feeds, and they don’t kill a good run until it either becomes irrelevant or sour. Tokyo Vice didn’t become either of those things; in fact, all the signs pointed towards the series’ continuation when Max (former HBO Max) suddenly announced Tokyo Vice‘s cancelation.

So, not only are we now deprived of Tokyo Vice Season 3, but we also have zero idea as to why Max decided to kill the show since the company hasn’t provided an official reason that would justify its actions.

Fans, Cast, And Crew Are Rallying Behind The Show

However, the fans are not having any of that nonsense, and there has been a bit of an outpouring, with the showmakers stating that they’re not accepting condolences just yet and are holding out for Tokyo Vice Season 3. The series’ creator, J. T. Rogers, stated that both he and the creative team would love to go forward with the series, as he has very clear ideas about expanding the world and following up on the previously introduced characters while also introducing new faces.

Might Be Sold To Another Streaming Service

Rogers also added that there’s all sorts of macro and micro planning and writing going on regarding Tokyo Vice Season 3, but the fruition of the aforementioned seasons really depends on it being greenlit by the streamer—just about any streamer, providing that Warner Bros. and Max want to sell the series. Now, whether or not any of that happens remains to be seen, but it’s worth noting that Max’s spokesperson had only the best things to say about the show but still hasn’t provided any meaningful information about why the show was canceled.

Given A Solid Ending

Despite still not accepting condolences on his series, Rogers purposefully ended Season 2 the way he did—by giving it a conclusive ending instead of leaving the audiences with a cliffhanger—as a preventative measure against cancelations, which are happening left and right in the industry. Even shows such as Tokyo Vice managed to garner quite impressive critical and audience responses on Rotten Tomatoes.

Tokyo Vice Might Still Return

Debuting in 2022, Tokyo Vice follows an American journalist, Jake Adelstein (Ansel Elgort), as he relocates to Tokyo, where he quickly falls in with a seasoned detective, Hiroto Katagiri (Ken Watanabe), and learns the dark truths about one of the world’s seemingly safest cities.

What sets Tokyo Vice apart from a myriad of other “Vice” series, and why fans still want Season 3, is its unique locations and premise, with the Japanese underground being one of the most compelling elements of the story. Those interested in catching up with the series can still watch it on Max.