See Elizabeth Hurley In Skimpy Blue Bikini

Elizabeth Hurley is glad for the hot days of summer and we are glad for pics of her in hot summertime bikinis.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

elizabeth hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is probably best known to many audiences for her breakthrough role in the 1997 Mike Myers spy spoof Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, but she has actually had a fascinating life and career outside of goofy comedies. Her career encompasses roles as a model, British celebrity socialite, breast cancer awareness advocate, and of course, fashion design. It is not really a surprise that Elizabeth Hurley would take to social media to show off her eponymous line of beachwear as well as her rocking beach body. In this case, Elizabeth Hurley is showing off one of her own, very skimpy blue bikini. Check it out:

The Instagram post in question shows Elizabeth Hurley gazing into a mirror, as we all would constantly be doing if we looked like her. Her light teal blue bikini is on full display in the very posh-looking oval mirror, with the top portion of the swimsuit held together with only a few links of a golden chain (which seems to be matched at the hips). Elizabeth Hurley’s long, blonde-streaked hair is falling down around her shoulders and her famously blue eyes are heavily lined with dark mascara. It is a pretty amazing shot of the actress, all things considered. 

The caption to Elizabeth Hurley’s photo reads “Bikini weather in England…. who’d have thought it?” along with #notcomplaining, which is definitely taking the positive outlook on the severe weather conditions in the United Kingdom at the moment. The United Kingdom recently saw its hottest-ever recorded temperature, which went above 104 degrees Fahrenheit (or above 40 degrees Celsius for the Brits out there). While this is indeed probably a good thing for those of us who have one of the most amazing bodies in the world, like Elizabeth Hurley, it probably is not a great thing for the United Kingdom in general. However, we should try not to be too much of a downer and take Elizabeth Hurley’s caption in the light-hearted manner in which it was presented. 

In true Bond Girl fashion, Elizabeth Hurley did not continue on in the Austin Powers series of films in a major capacity (after she turned out to be a fembot, as we knew all along). She would take on the notable role of the Devil herself in the cult comedy classic Bedazzled along with Brendan Fraser and appeared in the prescient reality-tv comedy EDtv along with Matthew McConaughey. Elizabeth Hurley also appeared in a recurring role on the CW teen drama Gossip Girl, in which she portrayed the manipulative, seductive Diana Payne.

Elizabeth Hurley currently has a number of upcoming projects. She will star in the family movie Christmas in the Caribbean (which we assume is about celebrating Christmas in the Caribbean Islands), as well as Welcome to Georgia, a comedy film starring New Girl’s Hannah Simone. She will also be starring in The Piper, a drama from Anthony Waller that is currently still in production. For now, we will be happy if Elizabeth Hurley just keeps producing those bikinis.