Elizabeth Hurley Poses In Her White Chain-Link Bikini In Flirty New Video

In this most recent offering, captioned 'Happy Weekend,' Elizabeth Hurley appears to be having the time of her life in a sunny villa complex swimming pool.

By Dan Lawrence | Updated

elizabeth hurley

Yesterday, 56-year-old British actress Elizabeth Hurley set pulses racing with a fiery bikini post on her Instagram account. The actress, model and businesswoman showed that age is just a number as she poses her beautiful figure in a white bikini and straw hat combo.

This latest post is somewhat of a trend for Elizabeth Hurley. The Austin Powers actress is often flaunting her figure across social media in a series of stunning posts. In this most recent offering, captioned ‘Happy Weekend,’ Hurley appears to be having the time of her life in a sunny villa complex swimming pool. The swimsuit in question comes from her eponymous swimwear brand. You can see the post below.

Not only does Elizabeth Hurley’s post and those that have come before it do wonders for promoting confidence and celebrating beauty for women in their 50s, but it also helps the actress promote her brand. Hurley is wearing her very own swimwear brand in this video. Her Instagram profile is the best place for Hurley to promote her swimwear enterprise. The actress boasts a staggering 2.3 million followers and uses this to great effect by posting regularly, often in the aforementioned swimwear brand’s product.

Elizabeth Hurley spoke to Yahoo Life last year to talk all about her stunning posts. When discussing her use of social media, the actress, campaigner and model had this to say: “I’ve always had more female followers than male; I’ve always really loved that,” she tells Yahoo Life. “And I think women definitely like that I’m not hiding just because I’m over 50. Everybody still goes on holiday or goes to the beach or needs to swim. And I just think it’s pretty tough if women think they have to cover up because we’re not in our 20s anymore and perfect. Of course, once you’re older, you think everybody’s perfect who’s younger than you. I think people respond well to that.”

This just goes to show, that there is always more to content than what meets the eye. The simple observation of Elizabeth Hurley’s content is that it is just mere light-hearted, saucy fun. The reality is far deeper though, and Hurley’s wholehearted approach to celebrating her body in spite of her age is just the kind of good-natured fun the world needs.

elizabeth hurley

Another huge part of Elizabeth Hurley’s career is in the world of charitable campaigning. Since the mid-90s, Hurley has been an integral part of The Estée Lauder Company’s Breast Cancer Campaign. Ahead of World Cancer Day on the 4th of February, Hurley spoke with CNBC to discuss her personal ties to Breast Cancer. The actress lost her Grandmother to the disease. Hurley had this to say: “She found a lump herself, like many women do. She was too scared and too embarrassed to tell her doctor for some time, more than a year, and by that time the cancer had spread, and in spite of a mastectomy, it had spread to her liver and it was too late to save my grandmother.”

This personal affiliation with Breast Cancer is undoubtedly the cause for Elizabeth Hurley’s continued involvement in Breast Cancer awareness. Talking to CNBC, Hurley mentioned how important it was to keep Breast Cancer Awareness in mind amidst the pandemic landscape the world presently finds itself in. “But it’s been an incredibly challenging time for people who’ve been diagnosed with cancer or for people who are worried about their own health and would like to be checked for cancer-related illnesses. So, if anything, this World Cancer Day this year in 2022 is more vital than it’s ever been,” the actress said.

It is clear that Elizabeth Hurley is well aware of the responsibility that comes with her celebrity status. From being a role model as a leading businesswoman, promoting body positivity and encouraging awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness, there seems to be no stopping the actress’ beneficial contributions to society and culture. Recently, Hurley also flexed her Podcast Narrator skills. Just last year the actress narrated the nine-part true-crime podcast The Great James Bond Car Robbery. It seems there is no end to Elizabeth Hurley’s output for fans to enjoy, and undoubtedly the star will be sharing more stunning posts to Instagram in the future.