See Mike Myers Officially Back As Dr. Evil

By Erika Hanson | 3 months ago

mike myers dr evil

In an era of revivals, reboots, and comebacks, evil has found its way back to prominence at the most fitting time. Yesterday, General Motors teased a Superbowl ad premiering this coming Sunday vetting the Los Angeles Rams against the Cincinnati Bengals. To commensurate the big game, Dr. Evil, the pitch-perfect parody of Bond villains famously portrayed by Mike Myers in Austin Powers will make his diabolically “eeevil” freakin’ return.

See the teaser below:

First released yesterday by General Motors, the 23-second teaser for the Superbowl ad begins with rolling text and a drum roll to hype things up. With the text reading, “His name is legendary, his plans are diabolical, he rules not with an iron fist, but an iron pinkie,” viewers are given a look at Mike Myers as Dr. Evil for the first time in years. As nostalgia surely kicks in, Dr. Evil is seen swiveling around in his black chair to face the camera. Complete with his infamous pinky-finger-to-the-mouth pose, Myers delivers the beloved menacing laugh as the classic Dr. Evil theme echoes in the background. 

With two other clips shared to the car maker’s social accounts, it appears Mike Myers’ Dr. Evil won’t be the only Austin Powers character making their glorious return. Focusing on the eviler side of the franchise, Seth Green, who portrays Dr. Evil’s estranged son is also seen in one of the clips. Similarly, Rob Lowe, who played Dr. Evil’s second in command, or number 2 as he famously coined him, and Mindy Sterling, who played the obnoxiously loud henchwomen Frau Farbissina is teased at returning for the Superbowl ad. 

As Mike Myers’s most notable work, Austin Powers brought the comedic actor immense fame over the franchise’s three spanning films. As a parody film, Austin Powers was lauded for its perfectly humorous take on the James Bond series as well as 1960’s and 1970’s swinger culture. The films featured star-studded ensemble casts with popular starlets like Elizabeth Hurley, Heather Graham, and Beyoncé. During the franchise’s tenure, the characters were such a hit that they often were strewn throughout commercials and other pop culture. 

austin powers mike myers

While the move from General Motors was surely a marketing ploy, the reemergence of Dr. Evil will surely spark talk regarding another Austin Powers film. Unbeknownst to many, there has been talk by both Mike Myers and the three films’ director Jay Roach on bringing the infamous characters back for a fourth installment. Originally discussed three years following the third installment of Austin Powers in Goldmember, the idea inevitably became stuck in limbo. However, the focus on Dr. Evil for the upcoming commercial is tantalizing and promising, as Mike Myers previously discussed plans for a fourth film that would focus on Dr. Evil’s point of view. Seemingly greenlit in 2008, Mike Myers suffered a career flop via The Love Guru, which led the comedian to largely leave his Hollywood days on the backburner. 

In recent years, the Austin Powers revival still remains alive as both Myers and Roach continue to double down on their desire to make the fourth film. Speaking with Access in 2018, Mike Myers took the time to reiterate how busy his director counterpart Jay Roach had been in recent years, he said the movie was “looking good” but took a long time to write. While the future of Austin Powers’ fourth film remains a mystery, the reemergence of Dr. Evil will deliver what’s sure to be a fan-favorite commercial when it airs this coming Sunday during the Superbowl on NBC.