Dwayne Johnson Weighs In On Celebrities Taking Baths

By Faith McKay | 8 seconds ago

dwayne johnson

Celebrities get asked all kinds of personal and strange questions. An emerging hot topic that celebrities are currently being asked about pertains to their bathing habits. Do they bathe? How often? How do they feel about loofahs? This hot topic picked up interest recently when Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher went on Dax Shepherd’s podcast and shared that they don’t feel bathing is the right choice for their family. They have a policy with their children that involves wiping dirt off of them when they see it. Individually, they have their own approach, but both feel that regular showering isn’t a healthy choice. Then, Jake Gyllenhaal shared that he seems to feel regular bathing is just overrated. Okay. So where does Dwayne Johnson stand? Fans want to know. A recent tweet from the actor has him sharing his own personal stance on bathing.

The conversation got started when one Twitter user posted that their work chat was discussing celebrities who “don’t wash themselves”. The chat concluded that The Rock can’t be one of the smelly celebrities walking around Hollywood sets. Surprisingly, since he was tagged, Dwayne Johnson actually saw the tweet and very seriously replied with his own approach for maintaining his personal hygiene.

One of the best things about this simple Tweet is that it’s very on-brand for Dwayne Johnson. He is a celebrity who is used to both sharing a large amount of personal information and details about his workout and eating routine. So, he answered with parts of his daily routine for when he bathes and at what temperature. Because, strangely, these are details his fans are curious about. The fact that he ends his little routine here with the cute detail that he sings in the shower is also on-brand for the star who loves to be playful. He’s probably singing a lot of Taylor Swift, based on what he’s previously shared about his musical tastes.

This tweet also points out that Dwayne Johnson is one of the many successful people in the world who take cold showers first thing in the morning. It’s been said that taking a cold shower first thing can be a healthy party of a skincare routine, however, the two reasons that successful people most often swear by this start to the day is that a cold shower will wake a person up quickly and make them immediately comfortable with being uncomfortable. The idea is to force a person into doing things they may not want to do but that are good for them. A cold shower is a way to practice that mindset first thing in the morning.

The celebrity then shares that he takes a warm shower after his workout but a hot one after work is done for the day. It appears that every shower may include body wash, face wash, and exfoliating. Apparently, he is not afraid of soap. If there are future updates from the star that include updates on what types of soap he uses, it won’t be all that surprising. Currently, Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram has him promoting his own energy drink and tequila companies. Will face wash be his next business venture? It may depend on how popular his shower tweets get.