Angie Harmon Alleges Deliveryman Shot And Killed Family Dog

By Nikola Pajtic | Published

Actress Angie Harmon, known for her role as Abbie Carmichael on Law and Order, recently shared a tragic incident on social media. Over the Easter weekend, a deliveryman, identified as an InstaCart shopper, fatally shot her family dog, Oliver, at their home in Charlotte, North Carolina. The police are taking no action against the person in question, which has raised many concerns by fans and Angie Harmon herself. 

No Charges Filed?

Following the incident, Harmon took it to the officials, but no charges have been filed against the deliveryman.

The police launched the investigation, and it was revealed that a delivery driver came to the residence and, in his statement, claimed that a dog attacked him while he was there.

He used firearms only to defend himself, firing a single bullet, but it was enough to wound the dog mortally. He continued to say that there was another dog at the residence but that one didn’t display aggressive behavior. 

Since then, the police have involved CMPD’s Animal Control, but there are no further details on the matter. 

Taking Matters Into Own Hands

Angie Harmon has taken matters into her own hands, revealing some details of the incident on her official Instagram account. In her post, Angie said the unfortunate incident wasn’t caught on the security camera installed in her doorbell, as it was charging inside the house.

The Rizzoli & Isles star has further claimed that the deliveryman in question knew that the security camera wasn’t recording at the time and once realizing that he made his move. 

Angie Harmon has contested against InstaCart shopper claims that he acted in self-defense, saying that he didn’t have any marks of a dog attack on him, including bites or even scratch marks. 

When the incident occurred, Angie Harmon and her children were at home and she got out after the shooting, only to hear from the deliveryman saying to her, “Yeah, I shot your dog. Yeah I did.”

Despicable And Inexcusable?

Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon has called his actions despicable and inexcusable and has shared his InstaCart profile, which reveals some odd info. According to the InstaCart profile, the man in question has a picture of a female named Merle.

Harmon expressed her sadness, ending the post by saying that she and her children are “completely traumatized & beyond devastated at the loss of our beloved boy & family member”.

Support From Fans

Angie Harmon

Many have chimed in with messages of support for Angie Harmon on her official Instagram account, encouraging her to pursue the case further, with one of the comments made by actress Debra Messing, saying “Oh my G Angie! That is so devastating and horrific and traumatizing. I can’t fathom anyone being that sick and callous to kill a family dog for no reason! My heart breaks for all of you and for sweet Ollie. Fly with the angels pup. And curse that monster.”

Another one was posted by PETA, “We are so deeply sorry and heartbroken to hear about this tragic loss of sweet Oliver. Sending love and strength to your family.”

Instacart Weights In

Angie Harmon’s post drew InstaCart into the entire unfortunate event, as they came forward saying “We were deeply saddened and disturbed to hear about this incident” to TMZ. They continued to say that they had suspended the deliveryman from the platform and had contacted the police if they required any more information on the person in their investigation.   

Angie Harmon’s Career

Angie Harmon

Texan beauty, Angie Harmon was born on 10 August 1972. Before she got her breakthrough on screen, she was a teen model, winning the Seventeen magazine modeling contest at just 15 years old. She then signed a contract with IMG Models and was featured on the covers of such magazines as Esquire and Cosmopolitan. 

Her first breakthrough role was the one of Ryan McBride in Baywatch Nights. In addition to her role in Law & Order, Angie Harmon has stunned the audience with the role of Rose in the film Seraphim Falls, while the role of Jane Rizzoli won her the Gracie Award for Outstanding Female Actor in a Leading Role in a Drama Series or a Special. 

Source: TMZ